2019 Canadian Chess Challenge Blitz

Date Saturday, May 18, 2019
Time 02:00 PM-04:00 PM
Location UBC Marine Drive Meeting Room 1
Rounds 7
Time control G/5
Format Open to juniors. Adults by invitation.
Entry Fee $25
Сancellation time 24 hours
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko



Blitz Chess Championship  闪电战象棋锦标赛 


Blitz chess is a variation of chess in which each side is given less time to make a move than under normal tournament time controls. The 2015 World Rapid Chess Champion was Magnus Carlsen, and the 2015 World Blitz Chess Champion was Alexander Grischuk.


Video Grischuk vs Carlsen World Blitz Championship 2014


闪电战象棋是国际象棋的其中的一种。每一方将于非正常比赛时间内完成挑战2015年世界国际象棋快速冠军是Magnus Carlsen以及2015年世界国际象棋闪电冠军是Alexander Grischuk


Location: UBC

UBC Marine Drive Meeting Room 1



        Please show up at least 5 minutes before round starts. We will start the clock according to the schedule shown below. 



2019 Canadian Chess Challenge Blitz

Qualification  参赛条件

Juniors only

Time Control  赛时限制

Game in 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move

Format 赛制

7-round Swiss format

Ratings  等级分


Chess Notation  象棋记录

Not required

Schedule  时间表

1st round – 2:00pm

2nd round – 2:15pm

3rd round – 2:30pm

4th round – 2:45pm

5th round – 3:00pm

6th round – 3:15pm

7th round – 3:30pm

Awards – estimated at 3:45pm

Prizes  奖品


For pairing purposes 仅用于配对用途

CFC ratings will be used for pairing and prize eligibility  or

FIDE/USCF/CMA (any other international rating)

if a player does not have a CFC rating

CMA ratings will be used

All juniors who have both CFC & CMA ratings,

your highest rating will be used


Chess sets and clocks are provided  提供象棋和棋 


Registration fees:  $25


No onsite registration is allowed. Must pay online for advanced preparation.  不接受现场报名。为赛前作好准,必网上注册付


Refund policy  退款条件 

No refund within 24hours. If you have 24 hours or more: Log into student's account and click cancel under "My tournament"

24退款24办理退款: 前往学生我的比取消即可



Chess Federation Canada (CFC)

Chess n' Math (CMA)


Vancouver Chess School Photo album 影集

Contact: info@vanchess.ca Voice mail: (604)568-3283


Swiss Group 1

Open, U1100

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Richard Chen9577122553Grade 12 W30 W10 W4 D5 W9 W65.510019.589.5
2Tyler Tanaka10853212360Grade 8 W42 W22 L17 W18 W20 W551001775.5
3Kevin Zhong11798762335Grade 5 W31 L18 W30 W12 W17 W851001676
4Eric Ning12197922246Grade 5 W26 W23 L1 W24 W7 W1551001780.5
5Richard Zheng10654862240Grade 6 W47 W19 W7 D1 W8 L24.510018.582.5
6Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux10114182686Grade 9 W24 W20 L16 W11 W10 L141001687.5
7Nicholas Vettese10528972459Grade 9 W39 W21 L5 W22 L4 W1641001580.5
8Ananda Saha9910912299Grade 12 W25 W46 W11 W17 L5 L341001879
9William Li11163472286Grade 11 D43 W45 W18 W16 L1 D14499.515.576
10Anand Chandra12295342082Grade 5 W40 L1 W39 W28 L6 W234991469.5
11Sherry Tian11972922054Grade 8 W13 W15 L8 L6 W19 W244981481
12Youhe Huang12116241856Grade 6 W41 L16 W35 L3 W29 W2041001370.5
13Andy Wang12855581174Grade 4 L11 L39 W47 W37 W22 W274991048
14Fred McKim400Adult L23 W47 D19 W43 W21 D9499.512.559.5
15Rohan Talukdar9676122463Grade 10 W38 L11 W43 W21 D16 L43.599.51473
16Dorian Kang11309512255Grade 7 W32 W12 W6 L9 D15 L73.599.51681
17Derek Ma8645952220Grade 11 W27 W29 W2 L8 L3 D183.599.515.583.5
18Daley Merrigan12245621954Grade 11 W44 W3 L9 L2 W26 D173.599.513.576.5
19Ryan Pickard8558871652Grade 12 W36 L5 D14 W31 L11 W303.51001268.5
20Brandon Zhu12541262108Adult W33 L6 W38 W23 L2 L1231001370
21Ryan Leong10209032020Grade 11 W28 L7 W25 L15 L14 W3231001168
22Gabriel Tinica9670482007Grade 10 W34 L2 W26 L7 L13 W3731001163.5
23Paul Wang11302311751Grade 7 W14 L4 W29 L20 W41 L103991273.5
24Charles Wu12540581559Adult L6 W27 W45 L4 W28 L1131001172.5
25Zeyu Li10913491396Grade 12 L8 W44 L21 W45 L27 W35398956.5
26kate jiang13140771286Grade 6 L4 W41 L22 W46 L18 W40399959.5
27Hugo Guillemette13637921264Grade 2 L17 L24 W44 W39 W25 L13399956
28Leon Liang13254741170Grade 4 L21 W42 W46 L10 L24 W383981053
29Nathanael Bertrand1439302928Grade 9 W48 L17 L23 W38 L12 W393991054.5
30Yanyu Lei13090591516Grade 8 L1 W33 L3 D35 W36 L192.599.58.568.5
31Zachery Gies13613381401Grade 12 L3 D34 W36 L19 L32 W422.598.57.553.5
32LUCA Georgescu-Nicolau12088891309Grade 3 L16 L35 W40 D36 W31 L212.598.57.555.5
33Elon Wang13669291201Grade 10 L20 L30 D42 L34 W48 W412.598539
34Tobias Salkeld13234151138Grade 6 L22 D31 L37 W33 L38 W432.599.56.544.5
35Jacob Burton13664571112Grade 10 L46 W32 L12 D30 W43 L252.599.58.552
36Laurie Parker400Adult L19 W48 L31 D32 L30 W462.597.57.541.5
37ALEXJIKAI YAN12339661682Grade 4 L45 L43 W34 L13 W44 L222100645.5
38Storm Lei11064821508Grade 7 L15 W40 L20 L29 W34 L282100758.5
39Patrick Tolentino9175611462Grade 11 L7 W13 L10 L27 W45 L292100764.5
40Avram Tcherni7422521192Grade 10 L10 L38 L32 W48 W46 L26299543.5
41Bassam Zahra400Grade 2 L12 L26 W48 W42 L23 L332100743
42Zachary Piche11459021418Grade 5 L2 L28 D33 L41 W47 L311.5100447.5
43Michael Yao13754351340Grade 5 D9 W37 L15 L14 L35 L341.5100863
44Leon Xing13743551118Grade 7 L18 L25 L27 W47 L37 D451.599.53.545
45Jack Allen1251876400Grade 5 W37 L9 L24 L25 L39 D441.599.56.552
46JeffreyRenfei Zhao12558691954Grade 8 W35 L8 L28 L26 L40 L361100658
47Zostrianos Giordani11731371284Grade 7 L5 L14 L13 L44 L42 W481100148.5
48Lee Wright400Adult L29 L36 L41 L40 L33 L470100035.5

Swiss Group 2

Open, U1100

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Alan Li1258301947Grade 4 W17 W18 W7 W2 W11 D45.510020.589.5
2Nicholas Wu13100381012Grade 1 W28 W24 W14 L1 W9 W651001871.5
3Aiden Lu1374298857Grade 2 W26 L7 W18 W17 W10 W1151001668
4Vincent Chen1400567400Grade 3 W9 D8 W13 W5 W7 D151001887
5Jeremy Chan13199051051Grade 8 W22 L11 W16 L4 W19 W1741001371.5
6Nathan Yang13608661031Grade 1 W15 W21 L11 W22 W8 L241001674.5
7Khino Tolentino10851171027Grade 7 W23 W3 L1 W14 L4 W1841001586.5
8Ismail Zahra1353791884Grade 8 W25 D4 W12 D11 L6 W204991575.5
9Zen Zahra1359494826Grade 6 L4 W25 W24 W23 L2 W1341001368.5
10Breanne Llewellyn12182621046Grade 10 L14 D13 W30 W12 L3 W213.510010.558.5
11Oscar Salkeld1323426878Grade 5 W29 W5 W6 D8 L1 L33.510016.583.5
12Channing Guo1429841790Grade 1 D13 W28 L8 L10 W27 W233.5991153
13Ryan Memet14389861075Grade 9 D12 D10 L4 W24 W23 L9310010.569.5
14Jonathan Wu1379259684Grade 3 W10 W27 L2 L7 L18 W243991268.5
15Luke Pittman1362802660Grade 1 L6 L19 W29 L20 W25 W27398748
16Darrin Liu1402299605Grade 2 L27 W20 L5 L19 W29 W22399849
17Aulden Wright-Maley1443497536Grade 1 L1 W30 W27 L3 W21 L531001164.5
18Dylan Duan1431281513Grade 3 W30 L1 L3 W27 W14 L731001169.5
19Nada Fatoum400Grade 2 L21 W15 L22 W16 L5 W283100948
20KERRY LIU1436512312Grade 3 L24 L16 W28 W15 W22 L8399949
21Elazar Schwartz1256692867Grade 4 W19 L6 L23 W25 L17 L10299960.5
22Anthony li1412741755Grade 3 L5 W29 W19 L6 L20 L162100958
23Micah Chow1427264626Grade 3 L7 W26 W21 L9 L13 L122100962.5
24Andy Liu1357571526Grade 6 W20 L2 L9 L13 W26 L142100866.5
25Arshdeep Matharoo400Grade 5 L8 L9 W26 L21 L15 W29299551
26Pranav Karthik400Grade 8 L3 L23 L25 W28 L24 W30297440
27Amos Bell13538241020Grade 9 W16 L14 L17 L18 L12 L151100660
28Aarav Suri1429683546Grade 1 L2 L12 L20 L26 W30 L191100251
29Cory Wright-Maley400Grade 3 L11 L22 L15 W30 L16 L251100345.5
30samel sunil1146251903Grade 7 L18 L17 L10 L29 L28 L260100041.5
# Player Grade School Section Rating CMA
1 Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux Grade 9 Sophie-Barat Open 2686
2 Richard Chen Grade 12 Westmount S.S. Open 2553
3 Rohan Talukdar Grade 10 Vincent Massey S.S. Open 2463
4 Nicholas Vettese Grade 9 Bayview Glen Open 2459
5 Tyler Tanaka Grade 8 Lower Canada Coll. Open 2360
6 Kevin Zhong Grade 5 Beaubois (coll.) Open 2335
7 Ananda Saha Grade 12 Jean-de-Brébeuf (coll.) Open 2299
8 William Li Grade 11 Woburn C.I. Open 2286
9 Dorian Kang Grade 7 Wellington St. P.S. Open 2255
10 Eric Ning Grade 5 Sir Wilfrid Laurier P.S. Open 2246
11 Richard Zheng Grade 6 N-D-de-Grace Open 2240
12 Derek Ma Grade 11 St. Paul's H.S. Open 2220
13 Brandon Zhu Adult Moscrop S.S.1738 420 Open 2200
14 Sherry Tian Grade 8 Mc Robert SS Open 2112
15 Anand Chandra Grade 5 Chris Akkerman E.S. Open 2082
16 Ryan Leong Grade 11 Vancouver College Open 2021
17 Gabriel Tinica Grade 10 Jean-de-Brébeuf (coll.) Open 2007
18 JeffreyRenfei Zhao Grade 8 Donald Cousens P. S. Open 1954
19 Daley Merrigan Grade 11 Corner Brook Regional High Open 1954
20 Youhe Huang Grade 6 Bakersfield P.S. Open 1856
21 Paul Wang Grade 7 Balmoral J.H. Open 1751
22 ALEXJIKAI YAN Grade 4 Marguerite (des) Open 1682
23 Ryan Pickard Grade 12 Gonzaga H.S. Open 1652
24 Yanyu Lei Grade 8 St. John's-Ravenscourt Open 1516
25 Storm Lei Grade 7 Jean-de-Brébeuf (coll.) Open 1508
26 Charles Wu Adult Open 1507
27 Patrick Tolentino Grade 11 Notre Dame H.S. (sec.) Open 1462
28 Zachary Piche Grade 5 Christine-Lesperance Open 1418
29 Zachery Gies Grade 12 Edward Schreyer Open 1401
30 Zeyu Li Grade 12 Campbell Coll. Open 1396
31 Michael Yao Grade 5 Spring Park E.S. U1100 1340
32 LUCA Georgescu-Nicolau Grade 3 St-Clement Open 1309
33 kate jiang Grade 6 Archibald Blair E.S. Open 1286
34 Zostrianos Giordani Grade 7 Home schooled Open 1284
35 Hugo Guillemette Grade 2 Fontainebleau (de) Open 1264
36 Elon Wang Grade 10 Grandview Heights E.J.H. Open 1201
37 Nicholas Wu Grade 1 R.C. Talmey E.S. U1100 1195
38 Avram Tcherni Grade 10 Campbell Coll. Open 1192
39 Andy Wang Grade 4 Bedford South Open 1174
40 Leon Liang Grade 4 Spring Park E.S. Open 1170
41 Jeremy Chan Grade 8 vancouver college U1100 1144
42 Tobias Salkeld Grade 6 Home schooled Open 1138
43 Leon Xing Grade 7 Queen Charlotte I.S. Open 1118
44 Jacob Burton Grade 10 Holy Spirit H.S. Open 1112
45 Ryan Memet Grade 9 Horton H.S. Open 1075
46 Nathan Yang Grade 1 Vancouver Montessori School U1100 1070
47 Aiden Lu Grade 2 Quilchena E.S. U1100 1053
48 Breanne Llewellyn Grade 10 Halifax West H.S. U1100 1046
49 Khino Tolentino Grade 7 St. Jerome E.S. Open 1027
50 Amos Bell Grade 9 Unknown school Open 1020
51 Anthony li Grade 3 St John's School U1100 972
52 Alan Li Grade 4 Wascana U1100 947
53 Nathanael Bertrand Grade 9 Holy Cross H.S. Open 928
54 samel sunil Grade 7 Queen Charlotte I.S. U1100 903
55 Dylan Duan Grade 3 St.George School U1100 897
56 Ismail Zahra Grade 8 Notre-Dame Open 884
57 Oscar Salkeld Grade 5 Home schooled U1100 878
58 Elazar Schwartz Grade 4 Brock Corydon U1100 867
59 Zen Zahra Grade 6 Notre-Dame Open 826
60 Channing Guo Grade 1 Grace C.S. U1100 790
61 Micah Chow Grade 3 Vancouver Christian School U1100 788
62 Jonathan Wu Grade 3 Unknown school U1100 684
63 Luke Pittman Grade 1 Macdonald Drive E.S. U1100 660
64 Andy Liu Grade 6 Defeinbaker J.G U1100 641
65 Darrin Liu Grade 2 Unknown school U1100 605
66 Aarav Suri Grade 1 Samuel Burland U1100 546
67 Aulden Wright-Maley Grade 1 Unknown school U1100 536
68 Vincent Chen Grade 3 Ridley Coll. Open 400
69 Nada Fatoum Grade 2 U1100 400
70 Jack Allen Grade 5 West Riverview U1100 400
71 Fred McKim Adult Open 400
72 Lee Wright Adult Open 400
73 Cory Wright-Maley Grade 3 U1100 400
74 Pranav Karthik Grade 8 U1100 400
75 Laurie Parker Adult Open 400
76 Bassam Zahra Grade 2 U1100 400
77 KERRY LIU Grade 3 Tomekichi Homma E.S. U1100 329
78 Arshdeep Matharoo Grade 5 Queensborough Middle School Open 0