Date Saturday, October 23, 2021
Time 02:00 PM-06:00 PM
Location Online
Rounds 5
Time control 15|10
Format Grade K-12
Сancellation time 24 hours
Registration Online
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko


VCS Online Monthly Class Championship

If you have participated in our Quad tournaments and are ready for a new challenge, the VCS Monthly Sectional Tournament, open to all VCS students, is the perfect next stepping stone to even higher-level tournaments. With 5 rounds in one day allowing for a CMA rating, this is the perfect opportunity to test out new strategies and sharpen tactical skills against opponents of the same class. 

 Location: Online




VCS Monthly Class Championship


For all Grade P-12 

Time Control时间限制



5-round Swiss format

Ratings  计分系统

CMA rated

Round time


1st round – 2:00pm

2nd round – 2:45pm

3rd round – 3:30pm

4th round – 4:15pm

5th round – 5:00pm




Trophy for each Class Champion

Medals for the 2nd and 3rd place 


Time Control: Game/15 minutes with 10 seconds delay 


Mandatory prerequisites 

VCS students only. Regular login. No guest registration

Webcam (mandatory) needs to be on during the entire tournament

Computers only (no iPads, or tablets)

Chrome browser is highly preferable 

Registration Rules

No registration 24 hours before the event

Waiting lounge on zoom will be open 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.

Zoom meeting and the online tournament arena will be locked once the tournament starts. No late arrivals.

Online Tournament Rules

Please do not "X" out your game. Checkmate, Resign or Draw only.

No draw offers prior to move #30

Anti cheating software in place. No computer support. Any foul play will result in a permanent ban from VCS tournaments.

The player should be alone in the room. Please be mindful of the background noise

No talking during the game.

Please make sure you take washroom breaks in between rounds. Washroom breaks or any reason to leave, during the tournament will result in a forfeit. 


Arbiters decision final


Individual Tie Breaker  个人决胜局: 

1. Direct Encounter (Head to Head) 

2. Cumulative score 

3. Opposition cumulative score 


Bye request: If you cannot attend all rounds, maximum of 2 half point byes (except last round) is allowed. Please email us with your request or inform TD at least 24 hours before round starts 

轮空要求 : 如果你不能参加所有回合,请电邮轮空要求或在赛前半小时请求不超过2次半分轮空(除最后一轮)


Registration fees:  $35 

Sibling discount $10 off for 2nd member or higher in the family


To check your CMA rating:

Contact: Voice mail: (604)568-3283




Swiss Group 1


#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Jamie Watt14677641091Grade 6 D3 W6 W2 W4 W84.510012.540
2Srush Mohammad15026951501Grade 9 W5 D4 L1 W6 W73.599.51037.5
3Zhengyu Chen13675261309Grade 5 D1BYE (1.0) L4 W8 W53.5999.534
4Ethan Low14298061286Grade 3 W8 D2 W3 L1 W63.599.51141.5
5Alexander Jin13104551223Grade 7 L2 W8 D6 L7 L31.599.55.531
6Bowen Wu14886331153Grade 3BYE (1.0) L1 D5 L2 L41.599.56.541
7Christian Grecu14045951359Grade 6BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0) W5 L2199234.5
8James Hong14091961088Grade 4 L4 L5BYE (1.0) L3 L11100340.5

Swiss Group 2


#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Tiger Wang1491197599Grade 3 W12 W4 W2 W3 L941001435.5
2Brian Jiang1461971582Grade 4 W11 W8 L1 W7 W44991242.5
3Emma Sun1489645593Grade 4 D7 W9 W6 L1BYE (1.0)3.510010.534.5
4Derek Liu1489465582Grade 2 W6 L1 W9 W8 L231001044
5Mia Xiao1503415498Grade 9BYE (1.0)BYE (1.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (1.0)31001025
6Kimberly Chen1490229467Grade 5 L4 W12 L3BYE (1.0) W8399731.5
7Ameya Shah1502796565Grade 4 D3 W11 L8 L2 W122.51007.533.5
8Ashiana Varma-Vitug1487992660Grade 2 W9 L2 W7 L4 L62100839.5
9Jason Lan1502144559Grade 6 L8 L3 L4 W12 W1299342.5
10Elsa Wang1503459463Grade 3BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (1.0)BYE (1.0)BYE (0.0)2100550
11Rohan Varma-Robb1488071487Grade 6 L2 L7 W12BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)1100337
12Sam Zhao1503369503Grade 3 L1 L6 L11 L9 L70100034.5

Swiss Group 3


#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Avalynia Lan1494573693Grade 4 W9 W8 W6 W5 W751001542
2Norman Lee1388643808Grade 6 W12 W3 L5 W4 W641001246
3Henry Fan14046061029Grade 4 W10 L2 W13 L6 W5399942
4Linden Leung1489983887Grade 3 L11 W14 W12 L2 W83100829
5Patrick Steel1462623887Grade 7 W13 W7 W2 L1 L33991250
6Jasper Zhang1491219881Grade 3 W14 W11 L1 W3 L231001142
7Romina Paridel1505125742Grade 7 W8 L5 W11 W9 L13991042
8Bryson Kwong1375031820Grade 6 L7 L1 W10 W13 L42100540
9Ken Yao1505103798Grade 8 L1 L13 W14 L7 W122100435
10Nathaniel Roessler1417072773Grade 7 L3 L12 L8 W14 W13298324
11Akash Varma-Robb1488069770Grade 7 W4 L6 L7 L12 W14299635
12Nicky Shirazi1505518400Grade K L2 W10 L4 W11 L9299633
13Theo Brownlee-Ortner1494549749Grade 3 L5 W9 L3 L8 L101100433
14Darren Lum1488249747Grade 3 L6 L4 L9 L10 L110100032
# Player Grade School Section Rating CMA
1 Srush Mohammad Grade 9 Ecole Glenbrook Middle School Monthly Class Championship 1507
2 Zhengyu Chen Grade 5 Cameron E.S (Burnaby) Online Schooling Monthly Class Championship 1384
3 Christian Grecu Grade 6 École Kwayhquitlum Monthly Class Championship 1303
4 Jamie Watt Grade 6 St. John's Monthly Class Championship 1279
5 Ethan Low Grade 3 Sir William Van Horne E.S. Monthly Class Championship 1251
6 Alexander Jin Grade 7 Mulgrave Monthly Class Championship 1213
7 Bowen Wu Grade 3 Rosemary Height E.S. Monthly Class Championship 1122
8 James Hong Grade 4 WPGA Monthly Class Championship 1084
9 Henry Fan Grade 4 West Point Grey Ac. Monthly Class Championship 988
10 Theo Brownlee-Ortner Grade 3 Norma Rose Point E.S. Monthly Class Championship 969
11 Patrick Steel Grade 7 Norma Rose Point E.S. Monthly Class Championship 960
12 Jasper Zhang Grade 3 Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Monthly Class Championship 907
13 Avalynia Lan Grade 4 Randerson Ridge Elementary Monthly Class Championship 897
14 Linden Leung Grade 3 Brentwood Park E.S. Monthly Class Championship 891
15 Nathaniel Roessler Grade 7 St. John's School Monthly Class Championship 864
16 Bryson Kwong Grade 6 Lord Kitchener E.S. Monthly Class Championship 851
17 Norman Lee Grade 6 St Georges Junior School Monthly Class Championship 831
18 Romina Paridel Grade 7 Henry Anderson E.S. Monthly Class Championship 786
19 Ken Yao Grade 8 J.N. Burnett S.S. Monthly Class Championship 783
20 Akash Varma-Robb Grade 7 Montessori Monthly Class Championship 745
21 Darren Lum Grade 3 Maple Grove Elementary School, Vancouver Monthly Class Championship 740
22 Tiger Wang Grade 3 Henry Anderson E.S. Monthly Class Championship 665
23 Nicky Shirazi Grade K University Hill E.S. Monthly Class Championship 650
24 Derek Liu Grade 2 Bayridge E.S. Monthly Class Championship 649
25 Brian Jiang Grade 4 Norma Rose Point E.S. Monthly Class Championship 636
26 Ashiana Varma-Vitug Grade 2 York House Monthly Class Championship 623
27 Ameya Shah Grade 4 W.D.Ferris Elementary Monthly Class Championship 613
28 Jason Lan Grade 6 Urban Academy Monthly Class Championship 611
29 Emma Sun Grade 4 Seaforth Monthly Class Championship 595
30 Mia Xiao Grade 9 CHS Monthly Class Championship 543
31 Kimberly Chen Grade 5 Maple Grove Monthly Class Championship 532
32 Elsa Wang Grade 3 STS Monthly Class Championship 464
33 Rohan Varma-Robb Grade 6 Montessori Monthly Class Championship 425
34 Sam Zhao Grade 3 St.Michael Monthly Class Championship 408