Coach's biography

Kevin started his chess journey 14 years ago. He quickly gained recognition, claiming both Provincial and National Champion titles in Grade 1 in 2012. His notable achievements include a third-place finish in the U8 category at the North American Youth Chess Championship (NAYCC) in 2013, and a fifth-place finish in the U10 category in 2014.
In 2023 Kevin not only clinched the Provincial Champion title but also shone brightly by achieving the runner-up position in the individual competition at the National Championship.
Beyond his competitive prowess, Kevin holds the esteemed rank of Candidate Master. But he's more than just a chess competitor; he's a dedicated teacher. With a passion for chess and teaching, Kevin is ready to nurture the next generation of players. His students can look forward to practical strategies, enjoyment of the game, and a supportive learning atmosphere.