The Vancouver Chess School is proud to offer private lessons to its students as part of its wide array of programs and events, all part of our core mandate to grow BC Junior Chess through making chess accessible to students all across the Lower Mainland.

Why take private lessons with VCS?

Private lessons are of great benefit to students of all levels, from having just learned how to move the pieces, to national team training. With only one student, the coach is able to create weekly lesson plans that specifically target each individual student’s weaknesses and help motivate them to reach their full potential in a shorter time frame. Lessons can include opening repertoire, tactics training, endgame strategy and tournament analysis.

Students choose to take private lessons for many reasons – some want to accelerate and intensify their learning, some want help to catch up to their group classmates, and others love chess so much that one group class each week simply isn’t enough to satisfy their chess appetite! Whatever the motivation, private lessons are a fun, efficient and rapid way of seeing great improvement in a student’s play.

How to begin private lessons?

Interested in booking private lessons? Email your request to and we will be in contact with you to discuss the logistics and select one of our highly experienced coaches that is most suited to become your private instructor.