I love vanchess! It taught my brother endgame techniques that he never knew about and tactics. I appreciate vanchess for its effective teachings.

Pengcheng Fang

May 1, 2022

You guys are fantastic! So attuned to students and eager to help. It’s a pleasure to communicate with all members of your team. Robert enjoys his training so much and he feels motivated to learn more. You should see him watch videos, write down his personal notes, analyze his games and do many chess puzzles every day. He finds his concentration has improved so much and he is very motivated to finish his school homework so he can dedicate more time to studying and playing chess. We are glad to be able to attend such a world-class Chess School via the Internet.

Marjolaine S

Apr 30, 2022

My son started chess classes here from 5 years old. He told me it is a good place to learn chess. Actually, he has made big progress on it. He also said, his coach Uranchmeg is a really awesome teacher, who is patient, nice, inspiring and excellent at instructing techniques.


Apr 30, 2022

My son has been with Vancouver Chess School for a few years, where he gained great knowledge of chess techniques and strategies. with the guidance from experienced coaches in VCS, my son has successfully qualified himself for regional chess tournament. I highly recommend VCS to anyone who is interested in developing their chess skills.

Yanyan Yang

Apr 29, 2022

Wow! The Vancouver Chess School is such a great place for children to learn Chess! Awesome coaches and amazing programs! The coaches are very professional and experienced.

Winnie Li

Apr 28, 2022

Looking for a place to develop my son chess skills. Found Vancouver Chess School, Best choice ever. Great online class, Competitive chess event to keep things interesting for kids. If your kids like chess, VSC is definite place to go.

x g

Apr 28, 2022