It’s really good, it helped me achieve so much in just a couple months!

Ario Salari

Feb 20, 2022

My kids really love this school。The teacher are very professional, very Patient, very methodical. So that kids can go from not doing anything at first to now very like chess. And now with pandemic, the school network system is very sound. Also let kids have a very big interest.

Youlandy Liu

Feb 18, 2022

My daughter has been taking chess lessons with VCS for two years now. After trying out different activities, chess is the only one that she's enjoyed and kept going. The coaches are amazing and patient with kids, and there's weekly online tournament that she pushes herself to advance her skills. I would totally recommend VCS to anyone who wants to learn chess.

Cat Queen

Feb 17, 2022

My son is learning chess there from 5 years old. Teachers are amazing, VCS is great place for kids to learn chess, they can meet lots of chess lover and lots of chance to play chess. Mr G is my son’ coach, not only teaching him chess also guidance him for life skill. thanks Mr G

Nana Z

Feb 11, 2022

Developing children’s intelligence is the original intention of learning chess, and there is a lot of harvest in its process. You have to work hard if you want to win, but you should always respect your opponent’s handshake no matter whether you win or lose. Even if you lose, chess is still left to the award link for the opponent applause congratulations! Chess also teaches people to think twice before making a decision so that there will be no regrets, and that cheating should not be allowed even if you want to win. Moreover, there may be many surprises waiting for you if you don’t give up easily, and stick to the end of a game of chess. I am so glad that I have met a good chess teacher at VCS. Even though he never told me what to do in the first place, he always asked me what I wanted to move next. Another thing is that my chess teacher developed my creativity in the process of learning chess instead of solidifying my thinking. My favorite piece in chess is the pawn, and this is because the pawn can only move forward, never backwards. What happens when the pawn reaches the end? It can become the most powerful piece- the queen. After learning chess in VCS, I can feel that my thinking has become more complex, and that sportsmanship has became one of my personalities. Moreover, my experience at VCS was unique, and the teachers there were very kind, professional, and inspiring. Gyan introduced me to Neuroscience, which is also my passion, a field I wish to further pursue, and through the medium of chess perhaps may one day, better understand the processing power of the human brain on how it naturally analyses information to reach logical decisions.

Not Cool

Jan 25, 2022

My kids had wanted to join VCS classes at Jericho for some time, and the availability of online classes during the pandemic provided the opportunity to overcome scheduling barriers. My 6 year old daughter and 7 year old son were immediately enamoured by the offerings at VCS, and their three cousins and two friends were soon inspired to join as well! I’m most grateful that my 13 year old daughter opened her mind to playing chess following gentle encouragement from Coach Gyan. The kids always look forward to the classes, camps and tournaments and have enjoyed sessions with Amir, Christian, Gyan, Tadas and Urna. In fact, they can’t seem to get enough of playing chess! Though I had some apprehensions about playing chess online rather than in person, I now feel that this is positive screen time that enhances social and emotional well-being. This is because VCS has created an inviting sense of community by maintaining a highly interactive environment. There are many opportunities for teamwork and group discussions which build confidence and leadership skills. Meanwhile, the kids are unwittingly learning many life lessons about winning and losing gracefully and about playing with integrity and good sportsmanship. Age is no bar - my kids in grades 2, 4 and 9 are all in the same Knight level class. There are assistant coaches of all ages, and the other day my 7 year old delighted in telling me “Mommy, I played a grade 12 in the tournament today!" Many thanks to all the coaches, and most especially to Coach Gyan, for all of these wonderful opportunities. We look forward to continuing at Vancouver Chess School for many years.

Sonya Varma

Jan 1, 2022