Vancouver Chess School is a great platform for kids who love chess. My little girl enjoys the time learning and playing chess at VCS. The coaches are very experienced and patient with kids. The training program is well designed that suits chess learners of different levels. Online classes and on-site classes are both available for the parents to choose from, very flexible. There’s online homework, class material after each class, and kids can practice on the Chess Hero platform any time they want. Aside from the regular class, I also encourage my daughter to participate the tournaments, so she can challenge other chess players and have a lot of fun. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Fu

Oct 23, 2021

This school is fantastic! Both of my boys love it so much. Great website design with its own chess homework, practice games and online challenges. Many of chess events for kids to have opportunities to play with others. Great teachers, great school!

Lulu Ban

Oct 8, 2021

Our older son got curious about chess earlier this year - in the middle of the pandemic - and so we were happy to learn that Vanchess offered all classes in virtual form. After some cautious initial attempts at a private lesson and some group lessons he became more and more motivated and immersed, in no small part to the quality and breadth of activity offered by the school including group lessons, private lessons, many tournaments and camps during the holidays and pro-D days (!!these are especially welcome!!). Nowadays, our son would probably do chess 12 hours a day if we would let him. All teachers we had contact with interacted very well with the children, keeping classes intereactive and fun, but clearly enabling them to learn -- our son is improving at an incredible pace. A special shout-out must go to Gyan who displays truly angelic patience during classes and tournament organisation. I wish I could display the same patience when I'm teaching my next calculus class tomorrow ...)

Christoph Ortner

Oct 5, 2021

Nice coaches and structure arrangement to guide the kids from beginners to experienced chess player. Regular chess competition can promote the interests of the kids to do better. When my boy got higher CMA, he was invited to be the teaching assistant in the online camp to teach the young beginners. That is very good to establish his mindset in taking care the novices. Moreover, the chess training can enhance his maths and logical thinking capabilities which are good for his further studies.

Tony Cheng

Sep 23, 2021

It is the de facto place to go for chess class in Vancouver. My kid got into chess after in-school chess class from VanChess, and has been going to their group and private classes for years. They have weekly tournaments as well as regular classes, which is awesome for on-going learning and building experience. It was also a chance for the kids to socialize as well, when they had the in-person classes. The virtual classes and tournaments have been pretty well run also. I am very happy that we have it in our community!

Mary Wong

Sep 18, 2021

We joined Vancouver Chess School after watching the movie.. "Finding Bobby Fischer". Our son, who was then learning chess online with a chess instructor based outside of Canada, was ready for more challenges and hence, we thought of looking for a local school. I got in touch with Maxim from Vancouver Chess Academy and he was very prompt in responding to my email. The courses have been going great and the weekly class tournaments along with CMA rated tournaments are helping our son understand the professional and competitive side of playing chess. We are very happy with the way their online classes are conducted. We can't recommend this school enough.

Maitrayee Shah

Sep 15, 2021