This is a great chess school for kids to learn and grow up in. I am so happy we made the right choice 4 years ago. When my son told me he was interested in chess, I enrolled him in Vancouver Chess school camp. Kids love to go there and spend time with similarly aged kids there. The coach always provided lunch for kids, like pizza etc. My son started from zero and now his score is over 1000. I truly believe this is the right place if you want to help your kids entering the chess world. BTW, Gyan is a very nice, knowledgeable, friendly and patient teacher. If you are luckily in his class, I am sure you already won the game half way. Of course, the teacher here are all excellent and brilliant.

Zena Zuo

Jun 3, 2021

Vancouver Chess School does a great job of sparking excitement for chess in kids. Their regular tournaments are very well organized, and they have gone the extra mile in making sure tournaments, events, and lessons have continued during COVID lockdowns. You can tell that the people who run the school are passionate about bringing chess to a new generation of children - Gyan and Stephen have both been extremely kind and supportive of my son's progress in Chess - and been a key part of why he's progressed as much as he has. I can't recommend this school highly enough!

Roger Patterson

May 18, 2021

Vancouver Chess School is a really well run chess school, with kind and dedicated coaches. It teaches students from complete beginners to much higher levels. VCS has made a seamless transition to teaching online since the covid pandemic, although my son is looking forward to seeing his coaches and classmates again in person. In addition to weekly group classes, there are also private lessons, camps, workshops and frequent tournaments. VCS not only helps children to develop their chess skills, but it also helps them to develop greater skills in sportsmanship, goal setting and resilience.

Vania Cheng

May 16, 2021

VCS is a great place. The teachers are very patients and caring. My son learned a lot and chess skills and made lots of friends.

Peter Chan

May 14, 2021

Teachers at VCS are professional, caring and inspiring. It is a wonderful place to learn, compete and grow. Online classes & tournaments are very well organized during this trying time. My kid really enjoys her classes and she is super happy to be part of this excellent community. Students get to learn resilience & courage while improving their chess skills. Highly recommended if you are looking for a chess program for your kids.

Helen Chai

May 11, 2021

My daughter has been taking chess for a number of years now. Gyan has been very supportive since day 1 and allowed her to progress at her pace. With heavy school workload, my daughter managed to reserve time to continue with her chess whenever possible. She has reached to Bishop level now. She's playing chess because she finds enjoyment in the game. There has never been any pressure from us or Vanchess. It's a great place for kids to learn chess. They will nurture them in more ways than chess. We want to thank Vanchess for organizing an excellent program. We also want to thank Gyan for his patience and wisdom. Thank you!

Anne Lee

Apr 30, 2021