Vancouver Chess School is an absolutely wonderful school for kids. Moving up from lower level class (Pawn) to higher ones ( Bishop) is a good way to build children’s motivation. All coaches and staff are super friendly and professional. They are dedicated to help kids learn chess. My son loves being in the community including the classes and extra activities, Christmas party, summer beach picnic, etc. The head coach, Mr. Gyan, is an awesome teacher, very sharp at student’s strong and weak points. “Mr. G is strict and fun.” , my son said. We love this school. It’s a place to help your kids become top players or just have some fun.

Jane Huang

Mar 24, 2021

My son enjoys learning chess from this school and has been in this school more than 3 years. The teachers are very kind, respectful and professional. My son loves to attend the classes there. All the tournaments and different classes make learning chess a big fun for my son. We strongly recommend this school as this is the top chess school in BC.

Kelly Meng

Mar 19, 2021

We have proudly been with Vancouver Chess School since day one and we have always experienced high-quality and productive lessons from all the instructors here. Not only that, but the coaches are always there to provide constructive feedback on areas where the child needs their room for growth. Additionally, we love how the school has also smoothly adapted to an online-based earning platform; eager learners are even able to communicate and feel challenged with even more peers, seeking for both an enjoyable and experiential experience! We highly recommend this school for any students who have an enthusiastic mindset about learning how to enhance or better their knowledge of the wonders of chess!

Sharon Zhang

Mar 16, 2021

Vancouver Chess School has given my 2 kids a fun, intellectual and safe space to hang out with other like-minded children. They have very competent and experienced instructors. Both their in-person (pre-Covid) and virtual (post-Covid) instruction are very engaging and enjoyable. Both my kids love every minute of their lessons and the in-house tournaments organized by the school. So great to be part of VCS community! Highly recommend the school to anyone who would like to train their minds or learn a new skill.

Khangmin Lee

Mar 15, 2021

My son and daughter, aged 8 and 10, are members of VCS. They joined in 2019 April and since then they have enjoyed their lessons with Mr. G. VanChess has an online platform where chess puzzles, homeworks are regularly posted. Mr. G is an extremely dedicated chess teacher and also very responsive over emails. He is patient and caring towards his students. And I must add very impartial too. My children are still member of Vanchess and we continue to do so.

Preeti Jaiman

Mar 11, 2021

I first got to know Vancouver Chess School when I registered my son for the VCS’ Chess in School program in 2016. I simply wanted to expose him to an extracurricular activity, but I didn’t expect that he would fall in love with chess after only a few lessons. For the past 4 years, he has learned and developed his chess skills at VCS, and has grown from a beginner to a leading chess player at his grade. VCS offers a variety of resources for young chess players to learn and develop. My son started with Chess in School program, and later moved to Group Classes. He started with a low level class and has been continuously promoting his chess levels. At present, he is at the highest level class taught by a Grandmaster. VCS offers a variety of CMA rated tournaments, from weekly and monthly tournaments to provincial level and national level challenges, for players to practice their skills, learn from each other, and build their confidence and resilience. VCS is not just a chess school but also a community where the players build their social connections, share their experiences and most importantly, have fun. Before the pandemic, VCS was a place my son visited most aside from his own school. Becoming a Grandmaster is a long journey that requires interest, passion and patience to become successful. I feel fortunate that my son had a great start at VCS, and thanks to the friendly environment, the experienced coaches and the supportive staff there, my son has enjoyed every step in his chess journey and he is still advancing himself here at VCS.

Jiyang Gao

Jan 24, 2021