This is an exceptional chess school that helped my child develop an incredible passion in the field of chess. The instructors are all engaging and helpful. There are many camps, tournaments, and other chess related activities for the kids to do. Also, the online website is very well developed in providing many exercises for the kids to practice at home. Overall, I'm glad that I decided to enroll my kid and will highly recommend this chess school.

Paul Du

Jul 8, 2021

Veronica learned a ton from all the teachers who were there teaching during the training sessions of the Canadian Chess Challenge. It was all incredibly useful and they provided many resources to help the students.

Veronica Guo

Jul 6, 2021

I represented team BC at the 2021 Canadian Chess Challenge, tying for first place in my section. Gyan and Jeremy at VCS were incredibly professional, organizing countless training sessions for Team BC, with excellent material and helpful advice. Gyan's organization was amazing - he always stayed on top of everything. I never had to worry about any logistics, allowing me to focus 100% of my effort on playing my best.

Patrick Huang

Jul 6, 2021

A great chess school. Our kid Leon attended his very first chess tournament in this school three years ago and now won his provincial champion and represent BC to win his first national champion. For the Canadian Chess Challenge 2021, the school offered special trainings for the BC team including chess tactics and practices as well as team spirits, my kid learned not only chess but also team work. Thanks a lot for the school and thanks a lot for the coach/organizer.

Leon Gong

Jul 5, 2021

My son started chess class at VCS 2 years ago and had loads of fun. The chess school arranges class systematically and strategically which ensures the kids build up solid foundation for the next level. I recommend the school for kids who enjoy brainy activities and challenges.

Xuejing Liu

Jun 8, 2021

My son started his first chess lesson at Vancouver Chess School at age 5. Continuing on, now at age 9, chess is still his favorite subject among all. There are many good things about Vancouver Chess School. 1. Chess classes at school are organized by levels which enable students to improve in a systematic way. 2. The school organizes regular tournaments weekly that provide students many opportunities to practice in a real game setting. 3. The best part of Vancouver Chess School for us is that, it encourages students to compete in a very healthy and positive way. The school is like a warm community. Children are opponents and also friends. Even parents becomes friends.I believe this is one of the reason that keeps my son’s continue interests on chess. I am glad my son started his chess journey beginning at Vancouver Chess School. I highly recommend it.

Kate Tsai

Jun 6, 2021