Nice coaches and structure arrangement to guide the kids from beginners to experienced chess player. Regular chess competition can promote the interests of the kids to do better. When my boy got higher CMA, he was invited to be the teaching assistant in the online camp to teach the young beginners. That is very good to establish his mindset in taking care the novices. Moreover, the chess training can enhance his maths and logical thinking capabilities which are good for his further studies.

Tony Cheng

Sep 23, 2021

It is the de facto place to go for chess class in Vancouver. My kid got into chess after in-school chess class from VanChess, and has been going to their group and private classes for years. They have weekly tournaments as well as regular classes, which is awesome for on-going learning and building experience. It was also a chance for the kids to socialize as well, when they had the in-person classes. The virtual classes and tournaments have been pretty well run also. I am very happy that we have it in our community!

Mary Wong

Sep 18, 2021

We joined Vancouver Chess School after watching the movie.. "Finding Bobby Fischer". Our son, who was then learning chess online with a chess instructor based outside of Canada, was ready for more challenges and hence, we thought of looking for a local school. I got in touch with Maxim from Vancouver Chess Academy and he was very prompt in responding to my email. The courses have been going great and the weekly class tournaments along with CMA rated tournaments are helping our son understand the professional and competitive side of playing chess. We are very happy with the way their online classes are conducted. We can't recommend this school enough.

Maitrayee Shah

Sep 15, 2021

We are very happy to have found VCS. My Daughter (8 yr old) loves her classes and really looks forward to them, as well as spending time having fun and learning with the other kids that have an the same passion for the game as she does. The lessons , homework and the tournaments have been very instructive and its been amazing to watch her progress.

Dragon Draconian

Sep 12, 2021

My son really like this school, the coaches there are patient and professional, he's made a huge improvement during these two years.

An Xia

Sep 10, 2021

My kids enjoy learning and playing at Vancouver Chess School. Both the classes and tournaments are well-organized and the teachers are super friendly and patient. The kids are always encouraged to learn from their mistakes and inspired by the steady progress they made. The measurement to get promoted to a new level is strict, but it's a rewarding experience. We are very proud of them and appreciate for VCS' dedication.

Lin Lin

Sep 4, 2021