My son has been taking chess lessons at the Vancouver Chess School for at least 3 years now and he absolutely loves it! The instructors are great! The materials they cover always challenges him and there are endless opportunities to join chess tournaments to improve your game!

Aimee R

Dec 22, 2021

Vancouver chess school is best chess school in Vancouver! My son starting private chess class with wonderful teacher Ms. Urna since 6 years old, right now he is 8 years old, chess is still his famous subject among all. He attended the weekly online tournament which let students practice in real game setting. In here, really thank you Mr. Gyan, he organized the online tournament every week, the tournament are super well organize. My son is quick player, sometime he made silly mistakes, sometime he was lazy to practice. Mr Gyan told him” practice the chess should be a habit like brushing your teeth “. The teacher not only teach the kids techniques but also the chess spirit. Highly recommended the school if you want to learn chess and want to challenge yourself.

Jiahe Zhang

Dec 21, 2021

My son loves to play chess and we have been looking for a platform to play and learn chess. Luckily we found Vancouver Chess school. My son got an opportunity to play at Vancouver Chess school for the Monthly Chess competition and other competitions. So far it has been going great, Vancouver Chess school has been great in teaching with some tactics and helping my son to improve, in the recent training he was given training from Grand Masters. I would highly recommend If someone wants to learn Chess from Basic or intermediate or advanced level as they have really good Coaches to help those who want to explore the Chess or in learning advanced tactics in Chess.

Aljo Thomas

Dec 2, 2021

My son has been attending classes and tournaments at Vancouver Chess School for several years, starting in-person at his school, then, as he became more advanced, classes at the VCS facility and more recently on-line. They are well organized, pleasant to deal with, and have talented coaches/teachers.

Andrew Brown

Dec 1, 2021

My Son started attending their online classes for the past 4 months. This has been an exciting and insightful experience learning the nuances of the game, strategies and new ways of approaching a problem. The instructors are great - helpful, knowledgeable, personable and sincere. Their approach to teaching kids, keeping them engaged online and motivating them is second to none. I am very happy and fully supportive of anyone who wants to enroll their kids in this program. Thumbs up/Top notch :)


Nov 22, 2021

The best school to learn chess for any kind of levels!

Tadas Ceponis

Nov 16, 2021