My son has been with Vancouver Chess School for more than 1 year. He loved the classes, and the teachers there as well. The coaches are great, and they teach kids not only the techniques but also the chess spirits. The school provides many online tournaments and trainings during the pandemic period and turn out to be a huge bonus to those stay at home kids.

Vivian Cheng

Jan 19, 2021

vancouver chess school is a fun and interesting education experience for young chess fan, the teachers and instructors are well knowledge and responsible, the program is well developed ...

Gosha Wen

Jan 17, 2021

At the Vancouver Chess School, students learn much more than Chess!! It is a fun, inclusive and welcoming school, where students have the opportunity to compete at a high level, but more importantly they also learn life lessons. Learning how to win and lose graciously, set goals, have honour, get along with others, and most importantly have fun. Vancouver Chess School is our son's second home, and we feel so grateful for the mentorship and support he has received over the past three years. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for Wesley!!!

Jennifer Russel

Jan 10, 2021

My son started learning chess at Vancouver Chess School, and he's been there for one and half year now. It is fun for him, and it teaches him important life lessons. For example, defeat helps you become stronger. When he got low scores in a tournament, he was motivated to learn from his mistakes which got him full marks in the next tournament. The coaches at VCS is inspiring, encouraging and supportive. This means a lot to a kid, and we really appreciate it. They have a variety of programs to meet individual needs, and the students can move to a higher level class whenever they meet the requirements. They also provide a plenty of opportunities for students to polish their skills, such as quads, monthly tournaments, online chess games and much more.

Alice Fan

Jan 7, 2021

Vancouver Chess School has been a blessing to our family and to the Chess Community. The instruction has been top notch and we love the fact that the school regularly has chess competitions. The school also has a very well built and functional internal chess platform which keeps children interested and facilitates online tournaments very smoothly. The school has adjusted well to Covid19 and have moved instruction and competition online. It's a great group of children and it's a well run school.

T Low

Jan 4, 2021

My son has been learning chess in Vancouver Chess School since 2018. He also participated many tournaments organized by the school, off-line and on-line. VCS provides very high-quality and systematic chess courses to different level students. VCS's chess coaches are very nice, experienced and passionate in teaching chess to kids. In the past years, I have seen so many kids, including my son, really enjoyed their study and game plays at VCS. With VCS coaches' help, the kids made quick improvements in their chess level. VCS is definitely the best chess school I have ever seen.

Michael Ye

Jan 3, 2021