VCS is a very good school for all age chess learners. It provides a resourceful topics on chess and there are many tournaments that you might not even have time to play all of them!


Apr 29, 2021

Vancouver Chess School is an outstanding institution for children’s chess education at any age. I was amazed how VCS team could maintain the tempo during the pandemic and continues to teach chess lessons, run online quads and organize regional events in this unprecedented time. Gyan is an awesome chess instructor and tournament director, and he always provide me feedback in my son’s performance and discuss home-based training plan. Most importantly, VCS’s online tool “ChessHero” is really helpful to drill tactics and endgames while keep chess fun and entertaining. I strongly recommend VCS to all parents and children who wish to give chess a try!

Vincent Cui

Apr 25, 2021

Vancouver Chess School is a highly professional chess school. The teachers in the school are approachable and dedicated on teaching, which provides kids a great milieu of learning chess. Many students who attended Vancouver Chess School have became the top players in their grade. In addition to why I prefer Vancouver Chess School is because there are lots of tournaments held every month in the school which quicken the improvement of a kid's chess skill, at the same time, it increase the kid's chess rating. Don't worry if you are good enough, because there are also tournaments where students could play against coaches. Plus, if one is a very strong player, there are also volunteer opportunity to teach the little kids. To me, my achievements in chess could not be without the help from Vancouver Chess School. It boost my chess skill from nearly zero to a hundred in a very short time, meanwhile, It is super fun and enjoyable. Overall, I highly recommend Vancouver Chess School, because it is the place where it makes a chess player professional

Lily He

Apr 22, 2021

The Vancouver Chess school took my son’s interest in chess and sparked an obsession. My son used to believe most things are “easy” or he would have difficulty with failures. However, this chess school has really taught him how to have a “growth” mindset learning about all aspects of failures and sportsmanship. He now sees challenges as an opportunity to grow!

Isabel R

Apr 22, 2021

My son wanted to take chess lessons last year before the lockdown, so I signed up for the spring term for him. I was concerned about the effectiveness of the online lessons, but it has turned out to be a great experience for my son. He learned and improved a lot during the past year. The school has a wonderful website for the students to practice and to learn through fun exercises. It also offers many tournaments for the students to play games with those who are same levels. Two good friends of my son also signed up and have had good experiences after they heard from our experiences. If you are interested in private lessons, the instructors have been good. A very organized online platform, would definitely recommend for all levels of chess players.

Miranda Li

Apr 20, 2021

The best teacher, patience, my child learned here from 2017, not only learns to play chess, but also exercises how to deal with various challenges, how to judge the improvement of ability, so that now he is a volunteer and know how to encourage other children to study together. Don't give up when it is difficult.

Maggie Xu

Apr 16, 2021