My son has been learning chess in VSC for more than two years. He gained a lot of chess strategies and practice opportunities there. The most important thing is that my son is inspired all the time to face the challenge and do his best. I feel my family is involved in all his tournaments and some special events, like year-end parties and beach picnics. Teachers are knowledgeable and patient. The login system is helpful and good to use. Especially during this Covid time, my son's group classes and school activities had been switched to online smoothly. Appreciate!

Si Chen

Jun 18, 2020

In Vancouver Chess School, there has a complete and systematic chess education system, rich and interesting practice resources, and tournaments for all levels players weekly and monthly. Most importantly, it has a team who love chess and are willing to spread chess. Highly recommended!


Jun 3, 2020

This is the best school ever

Alyssa Wang

Jul 9, 2018

Vancouver chess school is a top quality chess school in the lower mainland. It provides systematical training to students through excellent teachers. For only two years, my kid improves a lot and becomes a competent chess player for his grade level. We are very satisfied with this school!!

Holly Song

May 10, 2016

My son has been learning chess in VCS for three years, and he enjoyed classes/plays very well. The school has not only taught kids chess in classes, but also given them many opportunities to apply what they've learned in classes. The teachers concerned about each student's progress in various ways including communicating with parents, coaching players at provincial/national tournaments, and treating each child for her/his special needs. They did a lot of extra works out side of the classes. The kids not only learned chess knowledge and skills at VCS, but also learned how to behave in good manner in a team and as a player. Definitely, it's a fun place for children to learn and play.

Jenny Li

Apr 12, 2016