The best chess school in Vancouver! My son has been leaning chess in VCS more than three years and he enjoys it very much. The VCS not only holds regular tournaments for different level chess players but some challenges with coaches.. I strongly recommend VCS. Ps.coaches are very nice and professional and the customer service Joyce also is a sweet and patient girl

Eugene Yu

Apr 15, 2021

Great chess school! My son Sky loves learning and playing chess at VCS.

Vera Cui

Apr 11, 2021

Great place, both before and post-Covid. My son has been attending for 3 years and has made great progress. They have lots of tournaments and camps. There's a clear system in place to track performance and progress, the website is very well organized and allows parents to monitor their children's activities in classes and tournaments. VCS managed to transition to online very well after Covid, in fact it's at least as fun as before, according to my son. All in all a highly recommended place for kids to learn chess.

Cristian Grecu

Mar 25, 2021

Vancouver Chess School is an absolutely wonderful school for kids. Moving up from lower level class (Pawn) to higher ones ( Bishop) is a good way to build children’s motivation. All coaches and staff are super friendly and professional. They are dedicated to help kids learn chess. My son loves being in the community including the classes and extra activities, Christmas party, summer beach picnic, etc. The head coach, Mr. Gyan, is an awesome teacher, very sharp at student’s strong and weak points. “Mr. G is strict and fun.” , my son said. We love this school. It’s a place to help your kids become top players or just have some fun.

Jane Huang

Mar 24, 2021

My son enjoys learning chess from this school and has been in this school more than 3 years. The teachers are very kind, respectful and professional. My son loves to attend the classes there. All the tournaments and different classes make learning chess a big fun for my son. We strongly recommend this school as this is the top chess school in BC.

Kelly Meng

Mar 19, 2021

We have proudly been with Vancouver Chess School since day one and we have always experienced high-quality and productive lessons from all the instructors here. Not only that, but the coaches are always there to provide constructive feedback on areas where the child needs their room for growth. Additionally, we love how the school has also smoothly adapted to an online-based earning platform; eager learners are even able to communicate and feel challenged with even more peers, seeking for both an enjoyable and experiential experience! We highly recommend this school for any students who have an enthusiastic mindset about learning how to enhance or better their knowledge of the wonders of chess!

Sharon Zhang

Mar 16, 2021