I represented team BC at the 2019 Canadian Chess Challenge (CCC), where I won 1st place in the toughest section of the competition. This year, Gyan personally invited me to Captain Team BC at the 2022 CCC as I was both the highest rated (CFC 2241, CMA 2563) and the oldest (Grade 12). Overall, I highly approve of the extremely thorough training sessions conducted by Janak, Gyan, and Stephen. They covered excellent material, such as studying openings through pawn structures and their corresponding middle-game plans. The puzzle training really got your brain working and I even learned some things too. The level of dedication from the logistic team is amazing and doesn’t just include the training sessions. Behind the scenes, they were furiously working to ensure a smooth event. In addition, their wisdom, experience, and encouragement both inspired and motivated the team. As players, all we had to do was just focus on our games and deliver our best! On another note, VCS used to host many tournaments like the monthly Active and bi-monthly West Open tournaments, along with special events like the B.C. Active Chess Championship. These tournaments allowed me to gain experience as a junior by playing with stronger players; they were essential to my success today. Understandably, due to the Pandemic, these tournaments have not yet been held since. I truly hope that one day, these events will once again be reinstated for the betterment of young and new players. My time at VCS has been very positive. I’ve learned a lot and gained valuable tournament experience. All in all, I highly recommend VCS as a key stepping stone for youth and newcomers to be integrated into the wonderful world of fun and competitive Chess!

Andrew Hemstapat

Jun 19, 2022

Friendly and helpful teachers. They organized many tournament for different level chess players. Helped my kid improve chess skills!

Lian Bo

Jun 17, 2022

Great chess school. Provided many training sessions, coaching, and encouragement for the players of the 2022 Canadian Chess Challenge. We really appreciate it. Thank you, Vancouver Chess School!

Katherine Yang

Jun 16, 2022

Vancouver Chess school is best chess academy in Vancouver. They have very talented staff. The events are well organized. They have excellent virtual chess platform. I am glad that we enrolled our child in van chess.

Kalyani Labade

Jun 6, 2022

We've been taking our daughter to Vancouver Chess School for the last 4 years or so. She loves chess and this school and its teachers are a large part of why. The teachers at this school take a personal approach to their lessons. Each class is small, social, and fun. The school hosts many tournaments that are open to students as well as to non-students. The school meets your child where they are. If they are beginners, they can help them learn chess. If they are already hooked on the game, then they offer serious coaching and ways to improve their game.

Andrew Eisenberg

May 24, 2022

My 6 year kid tried the absolute beginner classes and enjoyed it very much. The teacher Amir is nice. Since my boy passed the mid-term test, he was promoted to a higher level class ahead of time, saving us time and money! Pretty pleasant experience!

Helen Yu

May 20, 2022