1.What is Included

•Live interaction with coaches and peers

•Class material


•Video tutorials for each lesson that can be viewed anytime


•Play vs Computer

•Interim and Final Tests

•Student performance reports

•Online rated tournaments 


2.How Online Classes Work

•Current students continue following their group’s program, receiving all their learning material on their account.

•New students are assessed and added to one of our group classes based on their level

•Coaches deliver chess classes live via Zoom.

•Other online resources like Play vs. Computer and ChessHeroes are available anytime.

•At the end of each level a test will be sent to each student via their VCS account for them to complete and progress to the next level.


3.How to register

Please click here to see all our live classes http://vanchess.ca/locations/set/id/42/target/%252Fgroups