Our school

Our main goal is to provide high quality professional chess education for students of all age groups and chess levels.  

The educational program of our school includes high quality chess content, advanced learning techniques, and high-tech equipment and software. This is a “Russian Style” chess school enhanced by new technologies. 

Each lesson includes a theoretical part, a practical part and an analysis of the games played.

Each student will have his/her own account where all the attended classes (with lesson materials) are stored. 

Our lessons include: in-class games, demonstrations of games of famous chess players, and electronic homework. Thus, our students will have the unique opportunity to go through each lesson over and over again whenever they want to refresh their knowledge of a particular topic.

In the learning process, we use special equipment such as digital Bluetooth Chess Boards, DGT chess clocks and a projector in order to increase the efficiency of the class and provide our students with as much knowledge and materials as possible.