Vancouver Chess School - The best chess school in BC

My son likes chess very much, so it is very important for us to find a good chess school after we moved to Vancouver from China last year.  I looked around and took my son to several schools and clubs for trials, and at last we selected Vancouver chess school.
After studying more than a year, it proved that our choice was so wise.  The Vancouver chess school is very good, my son’s chess skills have improved fast and he has developed keen interest in the process. The steps-ladder teaching model is suitable for all the players of different levels and ages. In addition to solid classroom teaching, the school also offers a lot of tournaments and practical exercises; it is very helpful to the chess learning.
The Vancouver chess school has a very good learning environment, the students can learn chess quietly and intently there, the children can also develop good habits and make new friends.
All in all, my son likes Vancouver chess school and wish the school does better and better. Yours Sincerely, Fiona. October 2013


Nicholas has been having a wonderful time there. I appreciate all that VCS gives to kids. All the best, Toby. October 2013.


This is the only after school class my 12 years old boy doesn't complain about.
The reasons are:  Besides the game itself is interesting, he also likes the coaches, he said they are very smart and he would like to go to the tournaments like them in the future.
The class is well organized: teaching, practicing and competing, to train the students to get used to the strict discipline of international tournament. Helen. October 2013.


最后,学校安全,交通方便,离家近。 Jenny. October 2013.


Our son Nicholas started playing Chess in his school chess club in Grade 2. He enjoyed playing and did quite well in the school club, but his frustration at not experiencing any real success at the tournament level was threatening his continued enjoyment and his commitment to the game. One of his school coaches told us about Vancouver Chess School and we immediately took Nicholas in to meet Maxim. Nicholas has been taking classes at Vancouver Chess School since March of this year. The change in these few months, in both Nicholas' skill, and his enthusiasm for the game is incredible. He has recently started playing in the VCS quad and monthly tournaments and is learning more with every game that he plays.
Nicholas has almost completed the Pawn program and is very excited to be moving soon to the Knight level. He has learnt many specific moves and techniques, but also a great deal of larger strategy and preparation - all of which have had a very positive effect on his approach to other areas of life, including his academics.

We could not be happier with the results and positive experience that Vancouver Chess School has given Nicholas and our family. Mary Anne. November 2013.


VCS has some of the best coaches, talented players, and is very well organized and administrated. It is also conveniently located, with ample free parking spaces. Its favorite Friday Quad has players range from little beginners to strong developing young players - the best of its kind I have ever seen anywhere! David. March 2015


Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m in grade 9. I began learning chess at Vancouver Chess School last July. I was first introduced to chess by my friend from my old school. I found it very interesting and immediately bought a chess set. I taught my dad the basic rules and we played everyday. He beat me almost all the time, but I still enjoyed playing. We moved to Vancouver in June 2015 and I asked my mom if I could learn chess. She found Vancouver Chess School online and we contacted Vivien. We scheduled an appointment with Maxim. I was both nervous and excited. After the assessment, he put me in a pawn level class. I was very happy, but also scared. Since kids usually start to learn chess at a young age, I was worried that I would be the only big kid in my class. I didn’t want them to think I was stupid, and as the oldest, I felt like I would be expected to be the smartest. However, my first class turned out to be much better than expected. The kids were mostly very nice, and I learned many things that day. I have always anticipated my chess classes. We learned something different every class, and everything seemed so interesting. In December, I did the Pawn Level Exam. I passed and went on to Knight Level classes. I was very nervous on my first class, I didn’t want to be the worst one in the group. But after my first knight level class, I realized that always worrying is unnecessary. I began to relax and enjoy the lessons. I try to play in as many tournaments as possible so that I can constantly practice. At first, I was very scared that I would make mistakes and lose my games. But later on, I learned that everyone makes mistakes. You just have to learn from it and try not to repeat the same mistakes. I’m in the pre-bishop class now, and I’ve become a much better player. I won 2nd place in the BC Women’s Chess Championship, but it took a lot of hard work to achieve that. I’ve lost many games, and I’ve been very disappointed in myself. However, I realized that you can actually learn more from the games you’ve lost than the games you win. I am very thankful that we had found Vancouver Chess School. I’ve improved a lot this year, and I hope I can continue to learn chess and become a better player. October 2016.