# Name Address Status
1Prince of Wales Secondary School2250, Eddington Dr, Vancouver, BC, V6L2E7Current Location
2Richmond 3Q Boys and Girls Club131-7080, River Road, Richmond, BC, V6X1X5Current Location
3Wendu Education290-5172, Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, V5H2E8Current Location
4Wendu Education Coquitlam202-3041, Anson Ave, Coquitlam, BC, V3B2H6Current Location
5Killarney Community Centre6260, Killarney St, Vancouver, BC, V5S2X7Current Location
6Trout Lake Community Centre3360, Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC, V5N4M4Current Location
7Lord Kitchener ES3455, W. King Edward Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6S0C7Current Location
8Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre990, West 59th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6P1X9Current Location
9General Wolfe ES4251, Ontario St, Vancouver, BC, V5V3G8Current Location
10Southlands ES5351, Camosun St, Vancouver, BC, V6N2C4Current Location
11École Jules Quesnel ES3050, Crown St, Vancouver, BC, V6R4K9Current Location
12University Hill ES5395, Chancellor Blvd, Vancouver, BC, V6T1E4Current Location
13L'Ecole Bilingue ES1166, W 14th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6H1P6Current Location
14Fraser Valley ES20317, 67th Avenue, Langley, BC, V2Y1P6Current Location
15Henry Hudson ES1551, Cypress St, Vancouver, BC, V6J3L3Current Location
16East Vancouver-, -, Vancouver, BC, -Current Location
17Norma Rose Point ES5488, Ortona Rd, Vancouver, BC, V6T1S2Current Location
18Queen Elizabeth ES4102, 16 AVE W, Vancouver, BC, V6R3E3Current Location
19Annie B. Jamieson ES6350, Tisdall St, Vancouver, BC, V5Z3N4Current Location
20Kerrisdale ES5555, Carnarvon St., Vancouver, BC, V6N1J2Current Location
21False Creek ES900, School Green, Vancouver, BC, V6H3N7Current Location
22Trafalgar ES4170, Trafalgar St, Vancouver, BC, V6L2M5Current Location
23Sir William Osler ES5970, Selkirk St, Vancouver, BC, V6M2Y8Current Location
24Quilchena ES5300, Maple St, Vancouver, BC, V6M3T5Current Location
25Queen Mary ES2000, Trimble St, Vancouver, BC, V6R3Z4Current Location
26J.W. Sexsmith ES7410, Columbia St, Vancouver, BC, V5X3C1Current Location
27Dr. R. E. Mckechnie ES7455, Maple St, Vancouver, BC, V6P5P8Current Location
28Sir William Van Horne ES5855, Ontario St, Vancouver, BC, V5W2L8Current Location
29David Lloyd George ES8370, Cartier St, Vancouver, BC, V6P4T8Current Location
30Maple Grove ES6199, Cypress St, Vancouver, BC, V6M3S3Current Location
31Dunbar Community Centre4747, Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC, V6S2H2Current Location
32Kitsilano community center2690, Larch St, Vancouver, BC, V6K 4KCurrent Location
33Hillcrest Centre4575, Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver, BC, V5Y2M4Current Location
34Jericho Village Shopping Centre312-2083, Alma St, Vancouver, BC, V6R4N6Current Location
35David Livingstone ES315, E 23rd Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5V1X6Current Location
36Thunderbird Community Centre2311, Cassiar St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 3WCurrent Location
37Shaughnessy ES4250, Marguerite St, Vancouver, BC, V6J3G3Current Location
38West Point Grey Academy4125, W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6R4P9Current Location
39Gobind Sarvar School8820, 168 Street, Surrey, BC, V4N6G7Current Location
40Choice School for Gifted Children20451, Westminster Highway North, Richmond, BC, V6V1B3Current Location
41Downtown, Vancouver-, -, Downtown, Vancouver, BC, -Waiting List Location
42Surrey-, -, Surrey, BC, -Waiting List Location
43West Vancouver-, -, West Vancouver, BC, -Waiting List Location
44North Vancouver-, -, North Vancouver, BC, -Waiting List Location
45Jewish Community Centre950, West 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Z2N7Waiting List Location
46False Creek Community Centre1318, Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC, V6H3R8Waiting List Location
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