Teacher Training

  The Vancouver Chess School is a Vancouver-based institution providing high quality chess instruction to students of all ages. It has organized and has hosted regional and provincial championship events, and has produced provincial and national champions, some of whom have gone on to represent Canada on the international stage. 

  The purpose of this Chess Teacher training course is to provide future chess instructors a fundamental skillset on which they can accumulate skills, and equip them with the essential knowledge needed to be a chess instructor at the basic level.

  It is not expected that students will have a strong knowledge of chess upon entrance to the program; in fact, it is not a requirement to know how to play chess. All the basic rules and strategies will be covered in the course, as well as methods of chess instruction and tournament organization strategies.

  Chess has been shown to improve mental capacity, spatial reasoning, memory and concentration. This course has been designed to instill these qualities in its students, and instruct future coaches on how to instill these qualities in their students. We hope that students will find this course interesting, practical, and rewarding.