Archimage Academy

Date Thursday, September 26, 2019
Time 05:30 PM-08:00 PM
Location 312-2083, Alma st., Vancouver (Jericho Shopping Centre)
Format Open to all levels
Сancellation time 24 hours
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko


The latest addition to our Chess Heroes game platform that combines intensive chess training with fun online activities

Do you love the Chess Heroes game? Do you want to improve your chess skills? Do you want to increase your Chess Heroes statistics and upgrade your character’s abilities? Then this is the program for you!


Why join the Archimage Academy?

This program allows participants access to practise thousands of chess puzzles of varying levels and topics:

Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Master

Topics: Tactics, Positional Play, Endgames

The academy uses our in-house gaming technology to encourage students’ chess progress with motivational gems, coins, and prizes to advance their digital character.

What is the Academy class format?

Participants of the Archimage Academy will be in groups according to their level and will receive instruction from our experienced coaches in tactics, strategic exercises and endgame technique.  Program activities include:

-           Archimage tactic contests with Chess Heroes

-           Assisted Chess Heroes puzzle solving

-           Supervised over-the-board exercises

Students will have the opportunity to apply these skills within the Archimage game to earn rewards of crystals, amulets and other items to upgrade their Chess Heroes character.

How is the Archimage Academy different from regular classes?

The Archimage Academy program consists of 2.5-hour workshops that focus on developing students’ technical chess skills. This program focuses on intensive training to hone students’ tactical and strategic abilities.

Due to the digital nature of the Academy, students will receive homework specifically designed to improve their weaknesses.

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Students with a laptop or tablet are encouraged to bring it to the program to allow them more time during the program to practice training exercises and to enjoy the game component of the Archimage Academy. Students without a laptop or tablet will be able to share VCS computers. 




Rating CMA/CFC

Fall term dates

(11 sessions)


Fees (Regular)

Fees (2019 Team BC members)


Group #1

below 700

Sep 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 21, 28, Dec 5  

5:30 pm – 8 pm




Group #2


5:30 pm – 8 pm




Group #3


5:30 pm – 8 pm





3 Terms: Fall, Winter, Spring


2019 Fall term dates: Sep 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 21, 28, Dec 5


Location: Jericho Village Shopping Centre (312-2083, Alma St, Vancouver, BC, V6R4N6)


Sibling discount 20% off for 2nd member or higher in the family. For preparation purposes, no onsite registration is allowed. 


For event photos: 

Contact: Voicemail: (604)568-3283  


# Player Grade School Section Rating CFC Rating CMA
1 Codrin Pompas Grade 3 Lord Tennyson E.S. Group #2 rated 701-1200 830 830
2 Forrest Zhu Grade 1 Trafalgar E.S. Group #1 rated below 700 0 671
3 Jason Han Grade 3 Kerrisdale E.S. Group #1 rated below 700 0 0
4 Jayden Li Grade 5 Norma Rose Point E.S. Group #1 rated below 700 0 616
5 Matthew Hung Grade 3 Champlain Heights E.S. Group #1 rated below 700 0 626
6 Yiyi Wang Grade 2 Jamieson Elementary School Group #1 rated below 700 0 384