VCS 5-Week Class Championship

Date Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time 06:00 PM-08:00 PM
Location 312-2083, Alma st., Vancouver (Jericho Shopping Centre)
Time control G60
Format All ages
Сancellation time 24 hours
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko


VCS 5-Week Class Championship

If you have participated in our Quad tournaments and are ready for a new challenge, the VCS 5-Week Class Championship, open to all junior & adult players, is the perfect next stepping stone to even higher-level tournaments. With 5 rounds spread over 5 consecutive weeks allowing for a CFC&CMA rating, this is the perfect opportunity to test out new strategies and sharpen tactical skills against opponents of the same class. Classes will be defined based on the number of participants to have 6-10 players per class.


Location: 312-2083, Alma st. (Jericho Shopping Centre)

*Door opens at 5:45 pm only. Tournament hall is located on the 2nd floor, room 312 

*Free Street parking and underground parking is available 


              Please show up at least 5 minutes before round starts. We will start the clock according to the schedule shown below.         



VCS 5-Week Class Championship


All ages

Time Control时间限



5-round Swiss format

Ratings  计分系统

CFC&CMA rated

Round Dates

 Sep 25, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23

Round Time

6 pm – 8 pm


Trophy for each Class Champion

Medals for the 2nd and 3rd place 



Time Control: G60 

Chess  notation is mandatory.  Chess sets and clocks are provided.      


Individual Tie Breaker  个人决胜局: 

1. Direct Encounter (Head to Head) 

2. Cumulative score 

3. Opposition cumulative score 


Half-point byes will be available for those who wish to participate but cannot commit to every single week for the length of the tournament. Please email us with your request or inform TD at least 24 hours before round starts 


Registration fees:  $75  

Sibling discount $25 off for 2nd member or higher in the family

No onsite registration is allowed. All participants must register and pay online in advance for pairing purposes.  



To check your CFC rating:

To check your CMA rating:

For event photos:


Contact: Voice mail: (604)568-3283




Swiss Group 1

VCS 5-Week Class Championship

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Christopher Yu13605631284Grade 9 W5 W9 W3 W7 W451001550.5
A 1st trophy
2Dylan Duan1431281602Grade 4 L3 W21 W14 W8 W1041001036
C 1st trophy
3Aiden Lu1374298949Grade 3 W2 W8 L1 W9 D73.510011.553.5
A 2nd medal
4Ryan WU1422022708Grade 5BYE (0.5) W13 W11 W10 L13.510011.539.5
A 3rd medal
5Panshul Jaiman1443205636Grade 2 L1 D16BYE (1.0) W22 W113.5100831
B 1st trophy
6felix bian1431246608Grade 4 L9 W17BYE (0.5) W16 W133.51008.522.5
C 2nd medal
7Jeremy Chan13199051051Grade 9 W12 W11 D10 L1 D331001148
8Steven ZHANG1455895694Grade 1 W20 L3 W13 L2 W173100934.5
B 2nd medal
9Daichi Lee1350494712Grade 4 W6 L1 W17 L3 D152.51008.542.5
10Anson Cheong1287404596Grade K W21 W15 D7 L4 L22.510010.538.5
C 3rd medal
11Isaac Liu1413303665Grade 3 W17 L7 L4 W14 L52100737
B 3rd medal
12Samuel Sun1418231608Grade 5 L7 L14 W21 L19 W162100423
13Agrima Jaiman1443216585Grade 4 W14 L4 L8 W15 L62100739
14Norman Lee1388643822Grade 4 L13 W12 L2 L11 D211.51004.528.5
15JustinJiaHao Li1350461816Grade 3 W16 L10 L18 L13 D91.51005.534
16Jeffery Ni1250515567Grade 6 L15 D5 W23 L6 L121.599526
17Jaydon Yuan1430493678Grade K L11 L6 L9 W21 L81100233.5
18Oscar Ji1440821654Grade 10BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0) W15BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)19937.5
19Forrest Zhu1433845637Grade 1BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0) W12BYE (0.0)19927
20James Wang1309634409Grade 5 L8BYE (1.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)1100417
21August Haye1464355681Grade 1 L10 L2 L12 L17 D140.51000.531
22Henry Fan1404606629Grade 2BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0) L5BYE (0.0)099015
23Benson Yuan1461699579Grade KBYE (0.0)BYE (0.0) L16BYE (0.0)BYE (0.0)099010
# Player Grade School Section Rating CMA
1 Christopher Yu Grade 9 Vancouver College VCS 5-Week Class Championship 1277
2 Jeremy Chan Grade 9 vancouver college VCS 5-Week Class Championship 1144
3 Aiden Lu Grade 3 Quilchena E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 1053
4 Panshul Jaiman Grade 2 Norma Rose Point E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 943
5 Ryan WU Grade 5 Saint George's VCS 5-Week Class Championship 938
6 Dylan Duan Grade 4 St.George School VCS 5-Week Class Championship 897
7 Isaac Liu Grade 3 Lord Kitchener E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 829
8 Henry Fan Grade 2 West Point Grey Ac. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 804
9 JustinJiaHao Li Grade 3 Meadowridge VCS 5-Week Class Championship 769
10 Norman Lee Grade 4 St Georges Junior School VCS 5-Week Class Championship 758
11 Daichi Lee Grade 4 Mountain Meadows E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 747
12 Agrima Jaiman Grade 4 Norma Rose Point E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 747
13 Oscar Ji Grade 10 LOYD BYNG SECONARY SCHOOL VCS 5-Week Class Championship 714
14 Steven ZHANG Grade 1 Collingwood VCS 5-Week Class Championship 694
15 Forrest Zhu Grade 1 Trafalgar E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 680
16 Anson Cheong Grade K Richmond Christian School VCS 5-Week Class Championship 650
17 felix bian Grade 4 OLPH VCS 5-Week Class Championship 642
18 Benson Yuan Grade K Jules Quesnel VCS 5-Week Class Championship 627
19 Samuel Sun Grade 5 John G Diefenbaker Elementary VCS 5-Week Class Championship 627
20 Jaydon Yuan Grade K Jules Quesnel VCS 5-Week Class Championship 588
21 Jeffery Ni Grade 6 St. Georges VCS 5-Week Class Championship 553
22 August Haye Grade 1 Queen Mary Elementary VCS 5-Week Class Championship 516
23 James Wang Grade 5 Lord Kitchener E.S. VCS 5-Week Class Championship 408