Date Sunday, March 6, 2022
Time 12:30 PM-04:30 PM
Location Online
Rounds 5
Time control 15|10
Format Grade K-12
Players 90 players maximum
Entry Fee $45. Sibling discount: $10 off for 2nd member or higher in the family
Сancellation time 24 hours
Registration No registration after 8pm night before tournament
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko


2021-2022 Regional Qualifier to B.C. Chess Challenge


All B.C. students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are invited to participate in this annual marquee event, marking the beginning of the annual Chess Challenge series which culminates in the Canadian Chess Challenge. Players can qualify to the B.C. Chess Challenge, itself a qualifier to the national event, by scoring 2.5 points or higher in a regional event.  

Players of all skill levels are highly encouraged to participate in this event. Not only is it a chance to compete against the top players in their grade, it is a chance for all players to continue to improve their general tournament skills. Players are encouraged to enter more than one qualifier to accumulate even more tournament experience but can only claim one trophy or medal in all their participated qualifier events.


For a full report, please see the article in our 2016 Team B.C. at the Canadian Chess Challenge Regina

Click here to find out more about all the Regional, Provincial, National or the World Chess Tournament. 


Provincial Organizers  

Vancouver Chess School (VCS) will be organizing the Regional qualifiers and the Provincial Chess Challenge. Victoria Junior Chess Society will be hosting the Victoria Regional. 


Regional Qualifier - Vancouver

Qualification  参赛条件

B.C. students only Grade P - 12

Time Control  赛时限制


Format  赛制

5-round Swiss format

Ratings  等级分

CMA rated

Schedule  时间表

1st round – 12:30pm

2nd round – 1:15pm

3rd round –2:00pm

4th round – 2:45pm

5th round – 3:30pm

Awards – estimated at 4:15pm

Prizes  奖品

Grade K-12: Trophies to top 3 players if section has 6 or more participants; for sections with less than 6 players 1 trophie and 2 medals will be awarded 

Award certificates to all participants 所有参赛者均获得奖证书




In order to perform well and stay focus for the entire tournament, please reframe your child from using the computer for other games except chess. Playing or running around will result in burning their energy faster especially for the last 2 rounds.

Notice to players 


o   Playing up is not allowed  不容跳组

o   May combine if sections are small   如人数太少,有些组别可能合并

o   Chess notation is optional. Please bring your own scorebook 请自备象棋记录本

o   No food or drinks inside tournament room

What to bring

Scorebook; Drinking water and healthy snacks. 






Individual Tie Breaker  个人决胜局

Swiss format

1)      Direct Encounter (Head to Head)

2)      Cumulative score

3)      Opposition cumulative score

Round Robin format

1)      Direct Encounter (Head to Head)

2)      SonneBorne-Berger




In addition, there will be school trophies to be won for this event. See details below.

•    These are additional prizes to encourage team efforts.
•    School teams must have 4 or more players. 
•    School and rating information will be verified in advance.
•    Players' performances will be tabulated towards BOTH individual and school prizes.
•    Breakout Rooms will be created for teams during breaks. Parents and coaches are permitted to join to motivate students.
•    Trophies for the top 6 teams.
•    School Trophies may be engraved with individual student names (optional: parent or school initiative). 


Location:  Online


Mandatory prerequisites 

Regular login. No guest registration

Webcam (mandatory) needs to be on during the entire tournament

Computers only (no iPads, or tablets)

Chrome browser is highly preferable 

Registration Rules

No registration 24 hours before the event

Waiting lounge on zoom will be open 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.

Zoom meeting and the online tournament arena will be locked once the tournament starts. No late arrivals.

Online Tournament Rules

Please do not "X" out your game. Checkmate, Resign or Draw only.

No draw offers prior to move #30

Anti cheating software in place. No computer support. Any foul play will result in a permanent ban from VCS tournaments.

The player should be alone in the room. Please be mindful of the background noise

No talking during the game.

Please make sure you take washroom breaks in between rounds. Washroom breaks or any reason to leave, during the tournament will result in a forfeit. 

Arbiters decision final


Chess n' Math (CMA)

Vancouver Chess School Photo album 影集

Contact: Voice mail: (604)568-3283


Registration fees:  $45      

Sibling discount $10 off for 2nd member or higher in the family   

No registration after 8:00pm night before tournament.


Refund policy  退款条件 

No refund within 24hours. If you have 24 hours or more: Log into student's account and click cancel under "My tournament"

24退款24办理退款: 前往学生我的比取消即可



Chess Federation Canada (CFC)

Chess n' Math (CMA) 


Vancouver Chess School Photo album 影集

Email: Phone: (604)568-3283

Swiss Group 1

Grade 1, Grade K

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Sky Cui14888921135Grade 1 W2 Game W5 Game W4 Game W6 Game W3 Game51001530
2Leo Yan1510064400Grade 1 L1 Game W6 Game W3 Game W4 Game W5 Game41001035
3Sherman Wang1509928565Grade 1 W6 Game W4 Game L2 Game W5 Game L1 Game31001134
4Alexander Cheung1510154400Grade 1 W5 Game L3 Game L1 Game L2 Game W6 Game2100639
5Constance Li1510121400Grade K L4 Game L1 Game W6 Game L3 Game L2 Game1100342
1st Kindergarten
6Sara Rodriguez1510108400Grade 1 L3 Game L2 Game L5 Game L1 Game L4 Game0100045

Swiss Group 2

Grade 2

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Lucas Yao1489623772Grade 2 W6 Game W4 Game W2 Game W3 Game W5 Game51001545
2Ashiana Varma-Vitug1487992628Grade 2 W7 Game W9 Game L1 Game W4 Game W6 Game41001240
3Mario Min1488453685Grade 2 L5 Game W8 Game W9 Game L1 Game W7 Game399841
4DANIEL YANG1509063606Grade 2 W8 Game L1 Game W5 Game L2 GameBYE (1.0) Game3100942
5Daniel Kwan1490837496Grade 2 W3 Game W6 Game L4 Game W8 Game L1 Game3991141
6Max Liao1503022582Grade 2 L1 Game L5 Game W7 GameBYE (1.0) Game L2 Game2100544
7Grace Ge1484166495Grade 2 L2 GameBYE (1.0) Game L6 Game W9 Game L3 Game299630
8Markus Li1503505439Grade 2 L4 Game L3 GameBYE (1.0) Game L5 Game W9 Game2100433
9Adrian Lee1510165400Grade 2BYE (1.0) Game L2 Game L3 Game L7 Game L8 Game1100530

Swiss Group 3

Grade 3

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Jesse Law14821861092Grade 3 W6 Game W2 Game W3 Game D5 Game W4 Game4.51001445
2James Yu1507487736Grade 3 W10 Game L1 Game W8 Game W3 Game W5 Game41001140
3Ethan Low14298061258Grade 3 W7 Game W4 Game L1 Game L2 Game W8 Game31001047
4Leo Ren1490578802Grade 3 W9 Game L3 Game W6 Game W7 Game L1 Game3991038
5Theo Brownlee-Ortner1494549994Grade 3 L8 Game W10 Game W7 Game D1 Game L2 Game2.5100838
6Javier Herrera1502605578Grade 3 L1 Game W8 Game L4 Game D10 Game W9 Game2.5100635
7Kayden Zhang1462599615Grade 3 L3 Game W9 Game L5 Game L4 Game W10 Game2100532
8Mark Karaivanov1504416540Grade 3 W5 Game L6 Game L2 Game W9 Game L3 Game2100738
9Victor Cheng1503112485Grade 3 L4 Game L7 Game W10 Game L8 Game L6 Game1100329
10Andy Mu1490264484Grade 3 L2 Game L5 Game L9 Game D6 Game L7 Game0.5100133

Swiss Group 4

Grade 4

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Kevin Zhou1472905870Grade 4 W8 Game W5 Game W2 Game W3 Game L4 Game41001442
2James Hong14091961016Grade 4 W4 Game D3 Game L1 Game W9 Game W11 Game3.599.51039
3Armaan Varma-Vitug1433867847Grade 4 W6 Game D2 Game W5 Game L1 Game W7 Game3.599.51146
4Lucas Chen1503516770Grade 4 L2 Game W6 Game W9 Game D7 Game W1 Game3.599943
5Henry Fan1404606997Grade 4 W7 Game L1 Game L3 Game W11 Game W8 Game3100837
6Elias Esnaola1490275580Grade 4 L3 Game L4 Game W11 Game W8 Game W9 Game3100629
7Sarah Lu1407633703Grade 4 L5 Game W9 Game W8 Game D4 Game L3 Game2.5100837
8Ameya Shah1502796657Grade 4 L1 Game W11 GameBYE (0.0) Game L6 Game L5 Game1100436
9Katelyn Kwan1490826571Grade 4 W11 Game L7 Game L4 Game L2 Game L6 Game1100533
10Samuel Zhang1414181797Grade 4BYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) Game010000
11Rex Liu1509399349Grade 4 L9 Game L8 Game L6 Game L5 Game L2 Game0100033

Swiss Group 5

Grade 5

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Walter Zhang1329704901Grade 5 W2 Game W5 Game W4 Game D3 Game W7 Game4.51001445
2Ryan Golchin13723751244Grade 5 L1 Game W9 Game W7 Game W4 Game W5 Game41001045
3Stanley Xin1478103859Grade 5 L4 Game W6 Game W9 Game D1 Game W8 Game3.5100940
4Oliver Ye13628681130Grade 5 W3 Game W8 Game L1 Game L2 GameBYE (1.0) Game31001040
5Chester Chang14985881060Grade 5 W7 Game L1 Game W8 Game W6 Game L2 Game31001041
6Avyayi Saran1488925942Grade 5 L8 Game L3 GameBYE (1.0) Game L5 GameBYE (1.0) Game299431
7Alexander Ward1488161723Grade 5 L5 GameBYE (1.0) Game L2 GameBYE (1.0) Game L1 Game2100639
8Ethan Wang1469259668Grade 5 W6 Game L4 Game L5 GameBYE (1.0) Game L3 Game2100733
9Rosana Feng1510132400Grade 5BYE (1.0) Game L2 Game L3 GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) Game1100529

Swiss Group 6

Grade 6

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Eamon Sheung1395865498Grade 6 W10 Game W6 Game W9 Game W2 Game W3 Game51001541.5
2AryaCyrus Boroomand13296711216Grade 6 W11 Game W7 Game W3 Game L1 Game W4 Game41001346.5
3Ryanbole Yu14143831287Grade 6 W4 Game W5 Game L2 Game W8 Game L1 Game31001150
4PengSen Fang1493267751Grade 6 L3 Game W8 Game W10 Game W5 Game L2 Game399942
5Princeton Chau1266726676Grade 6 W8 Game L3 Game W6 Game L4 Game W10 Game398936.5
6Matthew DU1407058785Grade 6 W12 Game L1 Game L5 Game W9 Game D7 Game2.599.57.536.5
7Adam Wang1489151510Grade 6 W9 Game L2 Game L8 Game W12 Game D6 Game2.599.57.529.5
8Bryson Kwong1375031989Grade 6 L5 Game L4 Game W7 Game L3 Game W11 Game2100440.5
9Norman Lee1388643818Grade 6 L7 Game W11 Game L1 Game L6 Game W12 Game2100534
10Micah Chow1427264788Grade 6 L1 Game W12 Game L4 Game D11 Game L5 Game1.599.5537
11Ario Salari1488712680Grade 6 L2 Game L9 GameBYE (1.0) Game D10 Game L8 Game1.599.5427
12Xavier Herrera1491491477Grade 6 L6 Game L10 GameBYE (0.0) Game L7 Game L9 Game0100029
13Felix Yang1510143400Grade 6BYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) Game010000

Swiss Group 7

Grade 7, Grade 8

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Nick Huang1488407558Grade 8 W3 GameBYE (1.0) Game W5 Game W2 Game W4 Game51001530
1st Grade 8
2Winston Huang13142571182Grade 7BYE (1.0) Game W4 Game W3 Game L1 Game W5 Game41001332
1st grade 7
3Ethan Lam1307654796Grade 7 L1 Game W5 Game L2 Game W4 GameBYE (1.0) Game3100738
2nd grade 7
4Nathaniel Roessler1417072837Grade 7 W5 Game L2 GameBYE (1.0) Game L3 Game L1 Game2100837
5Ronin Kung1434352464Grade 7 L4 Game L3 Game L1 GameBYE (1.0) Game L2 Game1100243
3rd grade 7

Swiss Group 8

Grade 9

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Srush Mohammad15026951569Grade 9 W2 Game W6 Game W4 Game W3 Game W5 Game51001530
2Raphael Ng1508714820Grade 9 L1 Game W4 Game W3 Game W5 Game W6 Game41001035
3Barry Yu14681681093Grade 9 W6 Game W5 Game L2 Game L1 Game W4 Game31001035
4Andy Yu1468157821Grade 9 W5 Game L2 Game L1 Game W6 Game L3 Game2100738
5Sofia Varma-Vitug1490567695Grade 9 L4 Game L3 Game W6 Game L2 Game L1 Game1100342
6Julian Frigaard1510097400Grade 9 L3 Game L1 Game L5 Game L4 Game L2 Game0100045

Swiss Group 9

Grade 10

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Jerry Wang1410074712Grade 10 L2 Game W5 Game W6 GameBYE (1.0) Game W3 Game41001035
2Borna Amjadi12104541190Grade 10 W1 Game W7 Game L3 Game D4 Game W5 Game3.598.51144
3Ellis Lomas15090411083Grade 10 D5 Game W4 Game W2 Game W6 Game L1 Game3.510011.543.5
4Michael Zhu1492402909Grade 10 W6 Game L3 Game W7 Game D2 GameBYE (1.0) Game3.598.51032.5
5Aaron Lo1165667695Grade 10 D3 Game L1 GameBYE (1.0) Game W7 Game L2 Game2.51007.537.5
6Kai Grabovac1492391684Grade 10 L4 GameBYE (1.0) Game L1 Game L3 Game W7 Game2100536.5
7Ronan Tang1510075400Grade 10BYE (1.0) Game L2 Game L4 Game L5 Game L6 Game1100533.5

Swiss Group 10

Grade 11, Grade 12

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1LeoM Qu10946241882Grade 12 W4 Game D2 Game W3 Game2.599.557
1st grade 12
2Jalen Huang11659041080Grade 12 W3 Game D1 Game W4 Game2.599.557
2nd grade 12
3HungDuc Nguyen1510119400Grade 12 L2 Game W4 Game L1 Game1100210
3rd grade 12
4Markus Frigaard1484267922Grade 11 L1 Game L3 Game L2 Game0100012
1st grade 11
5Aaryan Bassi1510086400Grade 11BYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) GameBYE (0.0) Game010000
# Player Grade School Section Rating CMA
1 LeoM Qu Grade 12 Pinetree Secondary School Grade 12 2070
2 Jerry Wang Grade 10 St. John's Grade 10 2012
3 Srush Mohammad Grade 9 New Westminster Secondary School Grade 9 1521
4 Ethan Low Grade 3 Van Horne Elementary Grade 3 1364
5 PengSen Fang Grade 6 David Thompson S.S. Grade 6 1337
6 AryaCyrus Boroomand Grade 6 University Hill Secondary Grade 6 1255
7 Ryan Golchin Grade 5 Carisbrooke E.S. Grade 5 1224
8 Ryanbole Yu Grade 6 St. George's Grade 6 1211
9 Raphael Ng Grade 9 White Rock Christian Academy Grade 9 1207
10 Borna Amjadi Grade 10 West Vancouver Secondary School Grade 10 1174
11 Winston Huang Grade 7 St. George's Jr. Grade 7 1166
12 Ellis Lomas Grade 10 Sir Charles Tupper Grade 10 1154
13 Eamon Sheung Grade 6 Lord Byng S.S. Grade 6 1152
14 Jalen Huang Grade 12 Burnaby North S.S. Grade 12 1146
15 Matthew DU Grade 6 St. George's Grade 6 1134
16 James Hong Grade 4 WPGA Grade 4 1131
17 Henry Fan Grade 4 West Point Grey Ac. Grade 4 1117
18 Sky Cui Grade 1 Southridge Grade 1 1102
19 Barry Yu Grade 9 Lord Byng Secondary School Grade 9 1091
20 Bryson Kwong Grade 6 Lord Kitchener E.S. Grade 6 1050
21 Jesse Law Grade 3 Choice School Grade 3 1045
22 Ethan Lam Grade 7 Cleveland Elementary Grade 7 1043
23 Walter Zhang Grade 5 Lord Kitchener E.S. Grade 5 1042
24 Lucas Yao Grade 2 Odyssey at Fairview Grade 2 1038
25 Chester Chang Grade 5 Crosstown Grade 5 1004
26 James Yu Grade 3 Jules Quesnel Grade 3 982
27 Oliver Ye Grade 5 Choice School Grade 5 977
28 Lucas Chen Grade 4 Brockton Grade 4 974
29 Max Liao Grade 2 st johns Grade 2 973
30 Kevin Zhou Grade 4 Diefenbaker Elementary School Grade 4 958
31 Michael Zhu Grade 10 St John School Grade 10 956
32 HungDuc Nguyen Grade 12 Eric Hamber Secondary School Grade 12 939
33 Markus Li Grade 2 - Grade 2 931
34 Norman Lee Grade 6 St Georges Junior School Grade 6 920
35 Mario Min Grade 2 St. George's school Grade 2 919
36 Andy Yu Grade 9 Lord Byng Secondary School Grade 9 907
37 Avyayi Saran Grade 5 Urban Academy Grade 5 903
38 Markus Frigaard Grade 11 St Johns Grade 11 886
39 Mark Karaivanov Grade 3 Capitol Hill Grade 3 877
40 Leo Ren Grade 3 Ocean Cliff Grade 3 862
41 Theo Brownlee-Ortner Grade 3 Norma Rose Point E.S. Grade 3 854
42 Ashiana Varma-Vitug Grade 2 York House School Grade 2 839
43 Stanley Xin Grade 5 Smiling Creek Elementary Grade 5 836
44 Samuel Zhang Grade 4 Kerrisdale E.S. Grade 4 835
45 Nathaniel Roessler Grade 7 St. John's School Grade 7 825
46 Leo Yan Grade 1 Pinetreeway Elementary Grade 1 816
47 Alexander Ward Grade 5 Lord Beaconsfield Elementary Grade 5 771
48 Ameya Shah Grade 4 W.D.Ferris Elementary Grade 4 761
49 Princeton Chau Grade 6 St. Georges's School Grade 6 751
50 Sarah Lu Grade 4 Collingwood Grade 4 748
51 Elias Esnaola Grade 4 Sir Wilfrid Laurier E.S. Grade 4 747
52 Daniel Kwan Grade 2 OLPH Grade 2 738
53 Nick Huang Grade 8 Mulgrave school Grade 8 732
54 Micah Chow Grade 6 Vancouver Christian School Grade 6 732
55 Ario Salari Grade 6 Handworth Highschool Grade 6 722
56 Sofia Varma-Vitug Grade 9 York House School Grade 9 718
57 Aaron Lo Grade 10 St. John's Grade 10 718
58 Ronan Tang Grade 10 St.John's School Grade 10 710
59 Ethan Wang Grade 5 Norma Rose Point Grade 5 700
60 Armaan Varma-Vitug Grade 4 St. George’s Junior School Grade 4 699
61 Kai Grabovac Grade 10 Sir William Osler E.S. Grade 10 687
62 DANIEL YANG Grade 2 RICHMOND CS Grade 2 681
63 Julian Frigaard Grade 9 St. John's Grade 9 667
64 Katelyn Kwan Grade 4 OLPH Grade 4 666
65 Adam Wang Grade 6 St. John's Grade 6 594
66 Kayden Zhang Grade 3 Irwin Park Elementary Grade 3 571
67 Sherman Wang Grade 1 St. George’s Grade 1 554
68 Javier Herrera Grade 3 Edith Cavell E.S. Grade 3 539
69 Andy Mu Grade 3 Choice School Grade 3 491
70 Victor Cheng Grade 3 Richmond Christian School Grade 3 471
71 Grace Ge Grade 2 Norma Rose Point E.S. Grade 2 469
72 Ronin Kung Grade 7 Saint John’s School Grade 7 453
73 Rosana Feng Grade 5 Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Grade 5 450
74 Xavier Herrera Grade 6 J.W. Sexsmith C.S. Grade 6 392
75 Alexander Cheung Grade 1 St Matthews Elementary Grade 1 347
76 Adrian Lee Grade 2 Montroyal Elementary Grade 2 328
77 Rex Liu Grade 4 Chartwell E.S. Grade 4 320
78 Constance Li Grade K Collingwood Grade K 222
79 Sara Rodriguez Grade 1 Irwin Park Grade 1 212
80 Aaryan Bassi Grade 11 St. John's Inter. Grade 11 0
81 Felix Yang Grade 6 St.John’s School Grade 6 0