Date Saturday, May 18, 2024
Time 12:00 PM-01:30 PM
Location Online
Rounds 3
Format VCS students only
Entry Fee $15
Сancellation time 24 hours
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko


Saturday Quads (U450)


One of our most popular events, the Quads, are now offered exclusively for beginners rated under CMA 450. This will allow students to be gently introduced

to tournament play with competitors of a similar level. This will also give them a unique chance to play other students of a similar level and increase their CMA rating to reach the next


Players above CMA450 may participate in this event, however, will not be eligible for medals unless there are sufficient players to form  CMA450+ Quads.


Vancouver Chess School Quads  温哥华国际象棋学校环赛 

Qualification 条件

Open to all VCS students

Date & Time

Every Saturday, 12:00-1:30pm. 

Time Control 赛时限

Game in 15 minutes; approximately 30 minutes each round

Location 赛地


Schedule 时间

1st round – 12:00pm

2nd round – 12:30pm

3rd round – 1:00pm

Bye request 轮空要求

Unable to offer “bye” restricted by quad format. Must attend to all assigned games

Registration fees 注册

$15. Online only. 

Cut off time 截止时间

Registration closes 24 hrs before the start of the event

Refund policy 退款条件

Receive a full refund if cancelled 24 hrs before the event. Log into student's account and click cancel under "My tournament" 


3-round Quad format. What is Quads?


CMA rated. What is CMA?


Medals to perfect score (3/3) winners. In addition, “Diamond” will be added to your “Wall of fame” account if you are VCS students

Notice to parents



What to bring 必备用品


Questions & Answers




Mandatory prerequisites 

VCS students only. Regular login. No guest registration

Webcam (mandatory) needs to be on during the entire tournament

Computers only (no iPads, or tablets)

Chrome browser is highly preferable 

Registration Rules

Waiting lounge on zoom will be open 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.

Zoom meeting and the online tournament arena will be locked once the tournament starts. No late arrivals.

Online Tournament Rules

Please do not "X" out your game. Checkmate, Resign or Draw only.

No draw offers prior to move #30

Anti cheating software in place. No computer support. Any foul play will result in a permanent ban from VCS tournaments.

The player should be alone in the room. Please be mindful of the background noise

No talking during the game.

Please make sure you take washroom breaks in between rounds. Washroom breaks or any reason to leave, during the tournament will result in a forfeit. 

Arbiters decision final


Chess n' Math (CMA)

Vancouver Chess School Photo album 影集

Contact: Voice mail: (604)568-3283

Round Group 1

Online Quads

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[SB]Prize
1Leano Maduna1595362683Grade 5 W3 Game W4 Game W2 Game31003
2Karlo Ren1570241641Grade 5 W4 Game W3 Game L1 Game21001
3Alex Pan1547684595Grade 5 L1 Game L2 Game W4 Game11000
4Evan Taylor1504449620Grade 3 L2 Game L1 Game L3 Game01000

Swiss Group 1

Online Quads

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]Prize
1Hugo Cheung1568575537Grade 4 L2 Game W4 Game W5 Game299310
2Sam Evans1521189420Grade 2 W1 Game L3 GameBYE (1.0) Game29948
3Benjamin Liu1599614401Grade 7BYE (1.0) Game W2 Game L4 Game210056.5
4Evan Li1570419558Grade 7 D5 Game L1 Game W3 Game1.599.52.511.5
5Eddie Lai1488699491Grade 5 D4 GameBYE (1.0) Game L1 Game1.599.53.55.5
# Team Players CMA ID CMA Rating Grade Score Total
1 David Lloyd George E.S. Evan Li 1570419 558 Grade 7 1.5 0
2 Southpointe Academy Hugo Cheung 1568575 537 Grade 4 2 0
3 MapleGrove Elementary school Vancouver Benjamin Liu 1599614 401 Grade 7 2 0
4 Madrona Leano Maduna 1595362 683 Grade 5 3 0
5 Henry Hudson E.S. Karlo Ren 1570241 641 Grade 5 2 0
6 Unknown Sam Evans 1521189 420 Grade 2 2 0
7 St. George's Jr. Evan Taylor 1504449 620 Grade 3 0 0
8 St Francis Xavier Eddie Lai 1488699 491 Grade 5 1.5 0
9 Henry Anderson E.S. Alex Pan 1547684 595 Grade 5 1 0
# Player Grade School Section Rating CMA
1 Leano Maduna Grade 5 Madrona Online Quads 683
2 Karlo Ren Grade 5 Henry Hudson E.S. Online Quads 641
3 Evan Taylor Grade 3 St. George's Jr. Online Quads 620
4 Alex Pan Grade 5 Henry Anderson E.S. Online Quads 595
5 Evan Li Grade 7 David Lloyd George E.S. Online Quads 558
6 Hugo Cheung Grade 4 Southpointe Academy Online Quads 537
7 Eddie Lai Grade 5 St Francis Xavier Online Quads 491
8 Sam Evans Grade 2 Unknown Online Quads 420
9 Benjamin Liu Grade 7 MapleGrove Elementary school Vancouver Online Quads 401