Date Friday, July 12, 2024
Time 06:00 PM-08:00 PM
Location 312-2083, Alma st., Vancouver (Jericho Shopping Centre)
Format All levels. Player's parents are free to join
Entry Fee $20
Сancellation time 1 hour
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko


Friday Quads  


Why do you encourage your children to participate in chess tournaments? 

Tournament participation is considered as part of the chess education. We strongly recommend players at all levels including beginners to practice their skills by attending chess tournament regularly. Chess uses universal rating system, and tournament pairing is based on players’ rating. For beginners, they might be concerned that they are losing rating points when they lose. This worry is understandable but unnecessary. Tournament is organized into different sections based on the range of ratings.  So within the section, there is no dramatic difference in the players’ rating. It is a comfortable zone for the players to practice what they learned and test their skills. More importantly, as in other sports activities, it is the process of participation rather than the result that is most essential for the development of the children’s characters. 






Vancouver Chess School Quads  温哥华国际象棋学校环赛 

Qualification 条件

Open to all. Player’s parent join for free if requested. 

Date & Time

Friday, 6:00-8:00pm. Must show up at least 5 minutes before round. No guarantee that you will be paired to the entitled section if you're late.  

Time Control 赛时限

Game in 20 minutes; approximately 40 minutes each round

Location 赛地

312-2083, Alma st., Vancouver (Jericho Shopping Centre)

Schedule 时间

1st round – 6:00pm

2nd round – 6:40pm

3rd round – 7:10pm

Bye request 轮空要求

Unable to offer “bye” restricted by quad format. Must attend to all assigned games

Registration fees 注册

$20. Online only. Drop in or onsite registration is not allowed

Cut off time 截止时间

No registration after 5:00pm

Refund policy 退款条件

No refund after 5:00pm. Receive a full refund if cancelled online before 5:00pm. Log into student's account and click cancel under "My tournament" 


3-round Quad format. What is Quads?


CMA rated. What is CMA?


Medals to perfect score (3/3) winners. In addition, “Diamond” will be added to your “Wall of fame” account if you are VCS students

Notice to parents


We do not provide child care services and cannot be held liable to the safety of your child. You must take full responsibilities for the well-being of your child. Note that they would require some forms of support from you between rounds, such as some encouraging words, supervising games play, making sure they attend the next round on time, using the public washroom etc.

Please Note that it is part of our collaborative agreement with the buiding management to keep the premises clean and the noise levels down. Please respect this partnership by keeping students calm and quiet in order to not disturb others in the building.

What to bring 必备用品

Scorebook; Drinking water and healthy snacks.  Note: No food or drinks inside tournament room

Questions & Answers


o   I am not VCS students, can I join?

All VCS tournaments are open for all players.

o   I don’t have ID or chess ratings.

For new players, we will pair you up as an unrated player. You will receive a new ID that can be used for future tournaments. Ratings will be updated within a week after the tournament is completed.

o   Are there any weekend tournaments beside quads?

We have few other monthly tournaments that can be found under “events” page. If you have no tournament experience, QUADS will be the better fit to start with.

Chess sets and clocks are provided

Chess Scorebook  

All players must bring their own scorebook. We would like to encourage our players to record their moves on the score sheets, which are specially designed for that purpose. Moreover, the advantage of having your own scorebook is to keep track of all your games so that you can do post-game analysis, which is a great way to learn and improve chess. Additionally, recording games is mandatory in most tournaments.  






Chess n' Math (CMA)

Vancouver Chess School Photo album 影集

Contact: Phone: (604)568-3283

Round Group 1

VCS Quads

#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[SB]
1Austin Liao1514654686Grade 2 L2 W2 W221003
2Legolas Sum1622237329Grade K W1 L1 L111006
# Team Players CMA ID CMA Rating Grade Score Total
1 St. George's School Austin Liao 1514654 686 Grade 2 2 0
2 University Hill E.S. Legolas Sum 1622237 329 Grade K 1 0
# Player Grade School Section Rating CMA Rating CFC Quick CFC Expiry
1 Austin Liao Grade 2 St. George's School VCS Quads 686 672 Mar 22, 2025
2 Legolas Sum Grade K University Hill E.S. VCS Quads 329 0