2018 BC Blitz Championship

Date Sunday, January 7, 2018
Time 04:00 PM-06:00 PM
Location 312-2083, Alma st., Vancouver (Jericho Shopping Centre)
Time control G/5
Format For all ages and levels
Сancellation time 24 hours
Organizer Maxim Doroshenko



BC Blitz Championship    


Blitz chess is a variation of chess in which each side is given less time to make a move than under normal tournament time controls. The 2015 World Rapid Chess Champion was Magnus Carlsen, and the 2015 World Blitz Chess Champion was Alexander Grischuk.


Video Grischuk vs Carlsen World Blitz Championship 2014


闪电战象棋是国际象棋的其中的一种。每一方将于非正常比赛时间内完成挑战2015年世界国际象棋快速冠军是Magnus Carlsen以及2015年世界国际象棋闪电冠军是Alexander Grischuk



Location: Vancouver Chess School  温哥华国际象棋学 

312-2083, Alma st., Vancouver (Jericho Shopping Centre)


*Free street parking and underground parking is available 


         Please show up at least 5 minutes before round starts. We will start the clock according to the schedule shown below. 

BC Blitz Championship

Qualification  条件

All adults are welcome with no rating restriction.

All juniors K-12 must have currently or previously attained

a minimum rating of CFC 900 / CMA 1000. No exception

All Juniors K-12

from 0 to CMA 999

Time Control  赛时限

Game in 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move

Format 赛制

7-round Swiss format



Chess Notation  象棋记录

Not required

Schedule  时间

1st round – 4:00pm

2nd round – 4:15pm

3rd round – 4:30pm

4th round – 4:45pm

5th round – 5:00pm

6th round – 5:15pm

7th round – 5:30pm

Awards – estimated at 5:45pm


70% of entry fees returned as prizes

2 place prizes and 2 prizes per class

Classes to be determined by entries

Champion Medals

to best under:


For pairing purposes 仅用于配对用途

CFC ratings will be used for pairing and prize eligibility  or

FIDE/USCF/CMA (any other international rating)

if a player does not have a CFC rating

CMA ratings will be used

All juniors who have both CFC & CMA ratings,

your highest rating will be used


Chess sets and clocks are provided  提供象棋和棋 


Registration fees:  $15      


No onsite registration is allowed. Must pay online for advanced preparation.  不接受现场报名。为赛前作好准,必网上注册付


Refund policy  退款条件 

No refund within 24hours. If you have 24 hours or more: Log into student's account and click cancel under "My tournament"

24退款24办理退款: 前往学生我的比取消即可



Chess Federation Canada (CFC)

Chess n' Math (CMA)


Vancouver Chess School Photo album 影集

Contact: info@vanchess.ca Voice mail: (604)568-3283


SwissSys Standings. VCS: Blitz Championship

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot Prize
1 Max Gedajlovic 2338 W16 W10 W8 W2 W3 W5 W9 7.0 1st-$80.00
2 Tanraj Sohal 2373 W11 W5 W4 L1 W9 W8 W3 6.0 2nd-$50.00
3 Davaa-Ochir Nyamdorj 2223 H--- W18 W9 W4 L1 W7 L2 4.5  
4 James Li 2056 W13 W12 L2 L3 W16 D11 W8 4.5  
5 Paul Burke 1972 W17 L2 D12 W13 W10 L1 W11 4.5 U2000 =1st/2nd-$27.50
6 Len Molden 1756 H--- W19 L7 L9 W18 W10 W15 4.5 U2000 =1st/2nd-$27.50
7 Andrew Hemstapat 2166 W22 L8 W6 L11 W15 L3 W18 4.0  
8 Callum Lehingrat 1816 W21 W7 L1 W18 W11 L2 L4 4.0  
9 Joe Roback 2071 D19 W14 L3 W6 L2 W12 L1 3.5  
10 Ryan Leong 1840 W20 L1 D13 W12 L5 L6 W16 3.5  
11 Tristan Taylor 1644 L2 W20 W21 W7 L8 D4 L5 3.5 U1650 =1st/2nd-$11.67
12 Brian Yang 1540 W14 L4 D5 L10 W19 L9 W22 3.5 U1650 =1st/2nd-$11.67
13 Ethan Song 1281 L4 W15 D10 L5 L14 W21 W19 3.5 U1650 =1st/2nd-$11.67
14 Scott Morgan 2090 L12 L9 L17 W22 W13 L15 W20 3.0  
15 Sudharaka Palamakumbura 1965 L18 L13 W19 W17 L7 W14 L6 3.0  
16 Richard Ingram 1662 L1 W17 L18 W21 L4 W20 L10 3.0  
17 Agata Seyfi 1236 L5 L16 W14 L15 W22 L18 W21 3.0  
18 Steven Arai 988 W15 L3 W16 L8 L6 W17 L7 3.0  
19 Ashton Taylor 1410 D9 L6 L15 W20 L12 W22 L13 2.5  
20 Alex Zou 974 L10 L11 D22 L19 W21 L16 L14 1.5 U1000 Medal
21 Winston Huang 647 L8 W22 L11 L16 L20 L13 L17 1.0 U800 Medal
22 Konstantin Pyryaev 1606 L7 L21 D20 L14 L17 L19 L12 0.5  

Swiss Group 1


#NameCMA IDCMA RatingGradeRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotalTBrk[H]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Max Gedajlovic10954342338Grade 11 W15 W11 W7 W2 W4 W3 W10710028124
2Tanraj Sohal6041462519Adult W9 W3 W6 L1 W10 W7 W4610024135.5
3Paul Burke12722271890Adult W18 L2 D13 W12 W11 L1 W94.510017.5116.5
4DavaaOchir Nyamdorj400AdultBYE (0.5) W14 W10 W6 L1 W8 L24.599.520.5131
5Len Molden12241340Grade KBYE (0.5) W19 L8 L10 W14 W11 W164.599.515.5101
6James Li10211161899Grade 12 W12 W13 L2 L4 W15 D9 W74.59918117.5
7Callum Lehingrat11480951618Grade 10 W21 W8 L1 W14 W9 L2 L6410020122
8Andrew Hemstapat12196122220Grade 8 W22 L7 W5 L9 W16 L4 W144991699.5
9Tristan Taylor8357491156Grade 12 L2 W20 W21 W8 L7 D6 L33.510016107
10Joe Roback11691442152Adult D19 W17 L4 W5 L2 W13 L13.510015.5119
11Ryan Leong10209031840Grade 10 W20 L1 D12 W13 L3 L5 W153.599.514.5103.5
12Ethan Song12273281407Grade 3 L6 W16 D11 L3 L17 W21 W193.599.511.584.5
13Brian Yang12539571416Grade 9 W17 L6 D3 L11 W19 L10 W223.59813.585.5
14Steven Arai400Adult W16 L4 W15 L7 L5 W18 L8310014104
15Richard Ingram11546321773Adult L1 W18 L14 W21 L6 W20 L113991295
16Sudharaka Palamakumbura400Adult L14 L12 W19 W18 L8 W17 L53991183.5
17Scott Morgan400Adult L13 L10 L18 W22 W12 L16 W20398868.5
18Agata Seyfi11481061236Grade 9 L3 L15 W17 L16 W22 L14 W21397971
19Ashton Taylor8802111410Grade 10 D10 L5 L16 W20 L13 W22 L122.51009.575
20Alex Zou1308565974Grade 3 L11 L9 D22 L19 W21 L15 L171.51005.568.5
21Winston Huang1314257647Grade 3 L7 W22 L9 L15 L20 L12 L181100676.5
22Konstantin Pyryaev400Adult L8 L21 D20 L17 L18 L19 L130.51002.567.5
# Player Grade School Section Rating CFC Rating CMA
1 Tanraj Sohal Adult Unknown school Open 2373 2519
2 Andrew Hemstapat Grade 8 R.C.Palmer S.S. Open 2208 2370
3 Max Gedajlovic Grade 11 Queen Mary E.S. Open 2338 2338
4 Joe Roback Adult Unknown school Open 2049 2152
5 Callum Lehingrat Grade 10 Cariboo Hill Open 2067 2030
6 James Li Grade 12 Port Moody S.S. 4.2.0 Open 2082 1993
7 Ryan Leong Grade 10 Vancouver College Open 1773 1947
8 Paul Burke Adult Open 1972 1890
9 Brian Yang Grade 9 J.N. Burnett S.S. Open 1857 1810
10 Richard Ingram Adult Open 1741 1773
11 Len Molden Grade K Open 1953 1710
12 Ethan Song Grade 3 Seaforth E.S. Open 1454 1494
13 Ashton Taylor Grade 10 Queen Mary E.S. Open 1369 1410
14 Agata Seyfi Grade 9 West Vancouver Secondary Open 873 1270
15 Tristan Taylor Grade 12 St. John's Open 1644 1156
16 Alex Zou Grade 3 Graham D. Bruce E.S. Open 0 1107
17 Winston Huang Grade 3 St. George's Jr. Open 0 1092
18 DavaaOchir Nyamdorj Adult Open 2223 400
19 Sudharaka Palamakumbura Adult Open 1965 400
20 Steven Arai Adult Open 400 400
21 Konstantin Pyryaev Adult Open 0 0
22 Scott Morgan Adult Open 0 0